pretty guns for females

5 Pretty Guns For Female CCW Enthusiasts

While some people believe that guns are “tools” and should not be pretty, there’s nothing wrong with showing your personality through your piece. Unfortunately, for women looking for more attractive options when it comes to side arms, the pickings are rather slim. However, we have found a few great pieces you might be interested in.

PS. We also share some ways that you can customize any gun at the end of the article! So, make sure you stick around for that as well.

Charter Arms Pink Lady

This little 38 special comes in three different female-minded colors: pink, hot pink, and lavender. It’s 6 inches in total length, and features a 2 inch barrel. The 38 special 5 round revolver is a proven and popular self-defense option with a small profile that makes it easy to conceal.

pretty guns for females
The .38 special is a standard in self-defense.

A model like this also comes with the benefit of being widely available for purchase, and has easy fits for holsters or other accessories.

It’s an ultra light model, weighing only 12 ounces, and it’s constructed of high-quality air-craft grade aluminum and steel. Plus, when paired with modern +P ammunition, like a quality Hornady round, it provides some real stopping power if you ever have to use it. Click here to see the full specs and prices for this gun.

Smith and Wesson M&P EZ

The EZ, as its name implies, was meant to be a gun which anyone can easily operate and safely shoot. So, if you’d prefer a semi-auto rather than a revolver as your conceal carry, this one could be a good pick. It’s a 9mm with a 8+1 round capacity and a 3.675 inch barrel.

You’ll also find that this gun comes with some great quality of life features for the user. It ships with two 8 round magazines which have a load assist tab to help you load the gun quickly in an emergency situation.

It also has a picatinny-style rail which you can use for adding accessories. However, it is a bit heftier than our first pick at 23 oz and 6.8 inches in total length. As far as colors go, you can pick up this piece in pink, robin’s egg blue, polar blue, crushed orchid, black/gold, and rose gold – making it an even better pick for fashionable CCW. Click here to see the full specs for this gun and to check prices.

Note: There is also a .380 caliber version as well.

Bond Arms Mama Bear

If you’re a fan of derringers, then this one may interest you. The design is also a little more subtle than some other “fancy” guns on the market. The Bond Arms Mama Bear has a simple pink colored wood grip.

It’s a break action, with a stainless steel double barrel and frame, and it can also be chambered with either .38 special or .357 ammo! You can also swap out the barrel with any other Bond Arms barrel if you’d like.

The Mama bear is 4.5 inches in total length and features a 2.5 inch barrel. Coming in at 19 oz and offering a 2 shot capacity, it also has some great safety features to prevent accidental firing and a heavy trigger.

Whether this is good or bad depends on how you feel about it, but it can result in lower than expected shot placement if you are not practiced with the weapon. If you’d like to own a boot gun, this one is a good pick. Click here to see the full specs for this gun and to check prices.

Kimber Micro 1911

The Kimber Micro comes in .380 or 9mm calibers, and is available in three attractive colors: amethyst, Bel air (light blue), and Sapphire. This gun has a total length of 5.6 inches (.380 version) or 6.1 inches (9mm version). The 9mm variant features a 3.15 inch barrel, with the .380 version having a 2.75 inch barrel. Both allow for a 6+1 capacity.

guns for females
Kimber Micro comes in beautiful colors and is a great piece.

The 9mm version is obviously smaller and a bit lighter, making it an easier to conceal weapon. Much like the full-size 1911, this gun has a great ergonomic design which makes it easy to handle and it shoots well.

Its smaller form factor also works nicely for people with smaller hands, making it a great fit for female shooters who may struggle with larger weapons that don’t fit their hands.

This gun conceals well in the appendix carry position if that’s where you’d prefer to carry. While reliability and performance should obviously be your biggest concern when choosing a conceal carry gun, Kimber sure knows how to make some beautiful pieces. The amethyst and sapphire colors are beautiful. Click here to see the full specs for this gun and to check prices.

Elektra STI

The Elektra is a stunning looking piece which, unfortunately, does not seem to be manufactured any longer. That means if you want one you’ll have to go with a used dealer. However, they do pop up from time to time if you really want to get one of these. Keep an eye on online used dealers like, gunbroker, and armslist.

guns that aren't ugly
It may take some searching to find an Elektra STI.

This pocket 1911 is a lightweight piece which can be carried by anyone and it shoots as well as it looks.

It can be had in 9mm or .45 ACP calibers depending on your preference, and features a 3.2 inch barrel. With an attractive duo-tone finish and pearl grips in attractive colors, this is a stunning piece. You’ll be able to find this gun in the pictured pink variant, purple, blue, black, and red.

BONUS! Here’s how you can customize ANY gun and make it your own.

How to customize your own firearms

While the above handguns are great, what if you already have your heart set on another piece? Well, worry not, because there are tons of aftermarket products you can use to customize your piece to your liking! In fact, almost any reasonably popular gun will likely have some kind of aftermarket pieces that can add a bit of flair. Here are a few ideas for customizing your CCW.

Change out the grips

Most gun manufacturers make extra grips you can buy and put on to your gun in fancy wood grains, pearl finishes, colors, etc. However, there are lots of third party companies making these too, and you can easily get a ton of great products for customizing. Here are a few grips you could purchase for different hand guns to customize them. These are very easy to install.

Add a gun skin

Did you know that there are gun skins you can buy and apply to lots of different guns? These give your firearm a custom look without the high price of professional paint jobs and customization. They can still look very nice and a skin is removable if you change your mind, or if you want to sell your gun later and the new buyer isn’t thrilled with the design.

Get a Cerakote coating

This one may or may not be in your wheelhouse, as it’s a bit more involved than the last two options. BUT, if you’re crafty and ready to get your hands dirty you can do some really cool stuff with this. Cerakote is a ceramic coating which is very popular for customizing a number of products, but guns being one of the most popular. You can see a DIY video of the process below.

You can get Cerakote on Amazon if you’re interested in trying the DIY route.

If that’s not really something you’re looking to take on yourself, the good news is that there are LOTS of places where you can get a Cerakote coating done professionally on whatever gun you want. Though depending on the complexity of the design it could be rather expensive.

Expect to pay between $250 to $300 for a complete pistol paint job, and somewhere between $350 to $500 for an AR or large frame rifle if you’re looking to get a professional job done on your gun. However, if you want something that looks REALLY nice, then a professional job is definitely the way to go. Some of these custom makers do fantastic work.

The above work was done by a Cerakote artist by the name of Cerakote Chick. You can find her website here if you’re interested in getting something custom done. Or, visit the Cerakote galley site and browse hundreds more stunning designs which people have made into custom guns, many of which are available for commission if you like them.