best boat coolers with seats

Best Boat Coolers With Seats On Amazon

Everybody knows that space on a boat is at a premium! That means anything you can do to make your gear multi-purpose is a plus. If you’ve been looking to get a new cooler AND some additional seating, check out these great boat coolers on amazon with seats!

Editor’s Pick

Wise Swing Back Cooler

While most coolers might offer a cushion, this one has an actual swing back rest on it! It’s a huge 105 quart cooler, which offers plenty of room for storing your fresh catch, or just a ton of beer! It’ll hold 80 cans with a 2:1 ice to cans ratio, making it a great pick for a party on the water, or for a charter fishing trip where you need someplace to put your client’s fish.

The Wise Ice Cage offers a full swing-back seat and 105 qt of storage!

This one also features a cool LED light bar when you open it up (for night fishing), 4 inch thick seat cushion, deck mounting brackets, high-quality roto-molded construction, and plenty of other cool features. The swing arms for the chair are also made of aircraft grade aluminum, making it a durable and long-lasting pick. Click here to check prices on this cooler.


If you’ve already got a Yeti cooler, or if you were in the market for one – good news! You can actually get a seat cushion to fit on several different sizes of Yeti coolers on Amazon, too! While this is a separate purchase, it’ll save you some cash if you’ve already got a Yeti, and they have smaller sizes available if you aren’t keen to purchase something quite so large as the Ice Cage. Wise also makes aftermarket Yeti cushions in 35 to 75.

If you’ve had your heart set on a Yeti, there are plenty of cushions available for them – though they cost extra.

PS. If you’re not sure which Yeti to get for your boat, the 65 quart Yeti is a great size that holds 42 cans of beer and 50 pounds of ice. Or, it’s also a good size still to hold a good amount of fish without being too heavy or taking up ALL the space on your boat.

Wise Hunting Seat Cooler

Need something a bit smaller that will fit in a kayak or even be portable? This little seat cooler can easily be moved around, made use of on small boats, or even taken with you to the beach if you anchor somewhere! While not as impressive or as many features as Wise’s Ice Cage, it’s still a nice little cooler to consider for this purpose.

The Wise hunting seat is a great option for kayaks, Jon boats, or just carrying around.

This one is much cheaper though, and it still features a 1″ cushion, 350 pound weight rating, and a foam cooler. However, the capacity for this one is quite small due to the form factor, and you can expect to get around 5 cans, a couple re-freezable ice packs, and a few snacks in here.

So, if you’re looking for a serious boating cooler, go with one of our other picks. Though this one is neat and definitely has its place on a small job boat, kayak, or even heading to the gun range with some drinks for you and your buddies. Click here to check prices on this cooler.