best mosquito trap for bedroom

Best Mosquito Killer For Bedroom and Indoor Use

Are biting bugs buzzing around inside your bedroom or camper driving you insane? There’s no faster was to make sure you’ll have a terrible night’s sleep, but don’t worry – because we’ve got some great picks to help you out.

Safety Warning – Be careful which mosquito traps you use indoors! Some of them use propane and it should never be used inside a house, camper, or tent. You’ll need to use electric or battery operated traps only.

Best Mosquito Killer For Bedroom Use

Editor’s Pick! – Mega Catch Alpha

Our top pick is for the Mega Catch Alpha! If you’ve read our other mosquito trap articles, then you’ll already know we’re big fans of Mega Catch.

Their larger traps are some of the best mosquito traps around, and their indoor offering is no slouch either.

This indoor rated trap is entirely electric, making it safe to use in your home or your camper to capture biting bugs like mosquitoes and flies.

However, you can also take this trap outdoors and set it on your patio for your next barbecue! Or, pack it up and take it to your campsite as long as you have a powered camping area available to you.

This machine uses a combination of scent, light, heat, and other signals to trick mosquitoes into your trap. Most bug zapper purely rely on light, which makes them much less effective.

In order to make the most of your trap, try placing it as far away from where you’ll be sleeping as you can. You want to lure the mosquitoes away from the people and offer the trap as an alternative. Mega Catch also recommends removing the scent strip indoors due to the smell and only using this part outside.

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DynaTrap XL

The DynaTrapXL can be had for a bit less than the Mega Catch Alpha.

This trap can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

It works in a similar manner to the Mega Catch Alpha, by using heat and light via a fluorescent UV bulb.

However, this trap has a very interesting trick. It actually releases CO2 thanks to a titanium dioxide-coated surface in the trap. Most traps require propane or CO2 canisters for this, which are not safe for indoor use, so it’s pretty neat.

In addition, this one can cover an additional 1/2 acre of land more than the Mega Catch Alpha if you want to take it outside. Though this trap does not use fragrance strips, which could make it less effective outdoors if you want it to pull double-duty.

However, if your only really interested in using it indoors.. then you’ll be pleased to know that this trap has a whisper quiet fan, making it a bit better for sleeping. It also doesn’t require refills of scent strips or CO2 canisters like other machines either, making it a bit more cost effective if you don’t want to budget for that stuff.

Note: A lot of people love this trap and it is very effective.. but.. it kills everything. This means helpful pollinators as well! Many people are not pleased with it attracting and trapping honey bees – though one reviewer has a clever work around!

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DynaTrap Ultralight

Looking for something that’s a bit cheaper – or perhaps even a bit smaller?

While the first two traps work well, they do take up a bit of space. DynaTrap also sells some nice smaller traps that work well.

However, be aware that the effectiveness of these traps is heavily based on external factors. For starters, you may need to place the trap in a dark area or mosquitoes may not go near it. They may also have to run for a bit before you see results.

Still, the DynaTrap Ultra light is a cost-effective way to be rid of your insect woes. This one will happily trap mosquitoes, noseeums, and other annoying bugs that disrupt your slumber.

This trap can also be used outdoors, but be aware that it will have a reduced effective area when compared to the other traps on the list due to its small size. It tops out at 300 feet of coverage compared to the acre and half acre coverage areas of the first two traps!

Though it works pretty much the same as the DynaTrap XL, and it even includes the same UV light lure and CO2 coating which makes the larger DynaTraps so effective, just at a heavily reduced range to bring down the price.

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