Best Sheep Hunting Boots

Best Sheep Hunting Boots

Choosing the right boot for sheep hunting is a different experience than for other hunting tasks. Hunting sheep requires traversing rough terrain, and a lot of boots just won’t cut it. That’s why in this article, we’ll be talking about the best boots for the job.

Editor’s Pick

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme

Kenetrek is pretty much always at the top of every hunter’s wish list, and there’s a very good reason for that.

Besides the fact that they just make fantastic boots, they also are top notch in customer service.

They also provide excellent “after warranty” repairs, allowing you to extend the life of your boots by a number of years.

The Mountain Extreme boot is made for sheep hunting, and if you need more convincing, then the video below is a good intro as to why. Kenetrek really put thought into this one, and they’ve made it a no-brainer for hunters. This boot also made our list for best elk hunting boots – because it’s just that fantastic.

These boots have a rugged, all-leather full-grain construction, and feature a solid foot insert that runs the full length of the boot. All of this provides maximum protection from rocky terrain, keeps you stable during side-hilling, and provides blister-free comfort during your trek. These boots come in insulated and uninsulated versions as well, allowing you to pick the perfect boot for your environment.

This is a great all-around boot that will do well on the hike and the climb, but it’s not a dedicated mountaineering boot. While most people don’t need that, it’s important to know your terrain. However, in most cases, this boot will be your best bet for finding a comfortable fit for sheep hunting.

That being said, some hunters feel that the Kennetrek boots fit a little narrow, so keep that in mind when ordering. We’d recommend buying them from Amazon, because they have a generous return policy which will allow you to make sure you get the best fit.

Scarpa Mount Blanc

If you’re looking for a true mountaineering boot, then you can’t go wrong with the Scarpa Mount Blanc. These are serious boots for serious climbers, and if your hunting ground of choice is not for the feint of heart, this could be the way to go.

best boots for hunting sheep in the mountains

Many people claim Scarpas are some of the most comfortable boots they’ve ever worn, BUT that definitely depends on YOU making sure you get boots that are a great fit for your feet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a climbing boot. If you plan to do a lot of hiking, then this boot will be pretty heavy and uncomfortable. In that case, we’d recommend the Kenetreks.

The Scarpa is a mountaineering boot, which means it’s a lot stiffer than you might be used to. This helps to keep you steady during your climb, but it’s not the most comfortable wear for hiking, or other activities.

However, they are a great pick for cold climates and terrain for which normal boots just won’t cut it. Check prices on the Scarpa Mount Blanc here and check the reviews for a better idea of what to expect.

Lowa Hunter Extreme

affordable sheep hunting boots

The Lowa’s are probably the most affordable boot on our list, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to offer.

In fact, many hunters love these boots.

This particular model offers stellar ankle support, and paired with a good pair of Merino socks can be worn comfortably in frigid weather. (If you’re a warm weather hunter, then the Tibet is very similar, minus the insulation!)

However, despite being very warm, they are also breathable, keeping your feet from sweating on your trek. Some hunters also claim that the break-in time for these boots is non-existent, which is always a plus.

Though with all good things, there are also some negatives. For starters, many say that these boots don’t last nearly as long as some others, like the Kennetreks. That will, of course, depend on your usage, and how badly you abuse them, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

With that said, the Lowas are still excellent boots. They are very versatile, and many hunters use them for work or casual ventures as well, allowing you to get more use out of them if budget is a concern. You can check prices on this boot on Amazon, and see some more reviews.

Crispi Guide GTX

best boots for hunting sheep

If you’re a fan of Crispi boots, then their Guide GTX model is a great choice for sheep hunting.

These boots are durable, lightweight, and a solid choice, but there are a few things we don’t like.

For starters, these boots are “water resistant” and not waterproof like the Kenetreks. They also only seem to come in uninsulated or 200g, so if you need anything heavier duty then you’re out of luck here, and we’d recommend the Kennetrek Extremes, which come with more insulation options.

However, on the plus side.. these boots have no break-in time, allowing you to get right in on the hunt. They are also very lightweight and comfortable, making your trip more enjoyable. They feature an all-leather construction, and the tread actually becomes “tacky” when it’s wet to help you grip the rocks better, which is nice. You can check prices on these at Black Ovis.

PS. Still not sure about what boots to buy? We’ve also done some other comparisons you might be interested in like our Kenetrek vs Crispi vs Meindl article!