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Best Waders For Duck Hunting & How To Choose The Right Ones

Choosing a good pair of waders is partially a matter of opinion, and partially a matter of knowing what you need for your hunting environment. Here at O&A, we know that there are many choices out there, and that’s why we’ve done this write up! Using peer sourced reviews, this article will highlight the best of the best in waders for duck hunting. First up, our editor’s pick!

Simm’s Waders

Looking for a breathable and high-quality wader? Look no further than Simms. While many outdoorsmen only consider them for fly fishing, the truth is they are excellent for duck hunting as well. With a few caveats that is..

waders for duck hunting

First, if you’re looking to hunt in really cold weather, the Simms will likely not be the best choice. While they are super comfortable, it’s likely that you will be feeling the effects of the cold when wearing them in frigid temperatures.

(Though it’s easy to add a pair of fleece wader pants for more warmth and comfort.)

However, if you hunt early season or in a more mild climate, these are an excellent choice. While not a budget pair by any means, if you bite the bullet and pay a bit more for a quality pair now.. that’s less cheap ones you’ll be buying in the future.

While they may lack the warmth of neoprene, they will be more breathable and prevent you from sweating if you will be doing a good bit of walking. Plus, the material handles scrapes with brush which can easily create infuriating pinholes in your gear much better. Click here to check prices on Simm’s waders.

PS. These are stocking foot waders and not boot waders. If you’d prefer a boot wader, keep reading for other recommendations.

Frogg Togg’s (Budget Pick)

Need a high-quality pair of waders but can’t afford to drop a ton of money on Sitka or Simm’s products? Fear not hunters, because we do have a more budget-friendly pick for you.

The surprisingly capable Frogg Togg waders are far more affordable and offer great usability thanks to their 120g removable insulated liner – making them a contender for early and late season hunts!

The boots are also quite warm, featuring a 1200g insulation rating. Many hunters claim these are fantastic waders that keep them dry no matter what and we’ve seen few problems reported.

However, the few issues which were present were taken care of quickly by Frogg Togg’s customer service, so A+ to them on that one.

So, what’s bad about them? While most consumers were very happy with the quality of the waders, especially for the price, some complained that they did tear in the crotch area after about 2 years of use.

However, the good news is that Frogg Toggs offers both boot foot and stocking foot waders. If you don’t know the difference, basically, a stocking foot will be more durable, better mobility, and more flexible since you can use them with different boots. However, the boot foot will be warmer, and it’s easier to clean and take off when compared to the stocking foot ones.

In short, if you’ll be standing in a lot of cold water, check out the Frogg Toggs Grand Refuge boot wader, or the Hellbender stocking foot model if you’d like something more versatile.

Sitka Waders

While they certainly aren’t a budget option, Sitka’s fitted, breathable waders offer FANTASTIC performance, and an even more fantastic fit! This is especially true if you are tall and have a hard time finding waders to fit which won’t be too large. If that’s you, I’d recommend you take a look at these, because they are worth the price.

Not only do Sitka’s waders come with Sitka’s excellent gear warranty, which means any repairs due to workmanship will be fixed no questions asked, but they also service every part of the waders at a reasonable cost. This includes fixing pinholes, replacing the boots when they wear out, and end of season service. They also state the costs for these extra services plainly, which is a plus.

As for the boots, Sitka’s Delta waders feature high-quality and warm boots designed by Lacrosse exclusively for this product. They are also serviceable, meaning your waders will continue to be useful as other hunters toss their lower-quality gear in the trash and buy new ever season.

In short, Sitka gear is more of an investment in quality and service. However, it’s a pretty damn good one. Click here to check prices and availability for the Sitka Delta Wader.

In closing, while there are, of course, many other brands of waders to explore.. these were some of the best rated when we surveyed duck hunters. We’ve included links to each product as well so you can read additional reviews and draw your own conclusions. Happy hunting!