Best Wall Tents For Camping and Hunting

If you fancy hunting or backwoods primitive camping, it’s important to have a tent that serves all your needs. A wall tent could be just what you’re looking for, and in this article, we’re going to go over why wall tents are so great, and we’ll give you our top picks for the best wall tents.

Benefits of using a Wall Tent vs a Typical Camping Tent

  • Design: A good wall tent is built with vents that allow smoke to exit, but still keeps unwanted reptiles, insects and strong elements out. This means you can easily use a stove to generate some heat in the cold.
  • Durability: A typical wall tent is made of strong canvas. This gives it the strength and sturdiness needed to withstand the wind, especially during winter. A wall tent is also likely to last way longer than regular nylon camping tents.
  • Comfort: Comfort is another very important factor. In fact, the worst feeling during a hunt is having to wake up and realize you can’t exactly stretch or stand up straight because there’s no vertical room in your tent. A typical wall tent can give you as much space as 150 square feet to stretch out, relax, and get dressed without having to hunch over all the time.
  • Multi-purpose: A wall tent can also provide great versatility. Its use is not limited to the woods during a hunt or camping experience. A wall tent can be used for backyard storage, a booth at a convention, or a a place for your hobbies when you aren’t using it as your base camp!

Best Wall Tents: Our Top Picks!

In our “best of” list, we’ll cover the top wall tent brands. We’ve included the best of the best and also some budget picks as well!

White Duck Outdoors

best wall tent brands

White Duck Outdoors makes amazing products which work just as well out in the woods as they do as a permanent structure on your property. This tent packs down well, and makes for a great family “home” away from home, or build a more permanent foundation for long-term usage.

Their products come in variants which can cater to 6 to 10 people, and they’re suitable for all four seasons of hunting. It’s the perfect tent for group trips and family hunting or camping adventures, and one of the best wall tents money can buy.

The tent is made out of 100% cotton canvas that is natural and sustainable, and the breathable finish means it’ll keep you cool, but protected against water, mold, mildew and UV Rays. The tent includes everything you need to set it up, including strong aluminum poles for stability.

This tent also comes with a ground sheet to protect you from the cold and rain. Plus, it comes with a 5-inch stove jack opening, large windows to let in natural light, and waterproof tent bag for easy packing and transport. It’s a great wall tent for campers and hunters alike.

wall tent reviews
This spacious tent has ample room for a stove if you need a family tent for winter hunts.


  • Great price, considering the size and quality.
  • Color-coded poles for easy identification and setup.
  • Robust PVC dipped mesh doors and windows to prevent wear and tear.
  • Its heat-resistant silicon means a stove can be used in the tent to provide heat in the cold.
  • Offers great ventilation but keeps the rain out
  • The tent is very roomy; the walls are 5 ft high while the Center area goes as high as 8.5ft.
  • The zippers are large, sturdy and waterproof.


  • Weighs around 195 lbs for the 10 x 12 tent.

Elk Mountain Tents

best wall tents for cold weather
Elk Mountain makes great tents for harsh climate usage.

Elk is a household name when it comes to canvas wall tents. Their tents are made of non-shrink, water-resistant polyester canvas that is super durable. This makes them a favorite of hunters and campers looking for a tent with great longevity.

It has well-zippered doors at the front and the back, 6 windows and a stove Jack. The package also includes ten 18″ stakes, eve opening, interior pole straps, double layer canvas at all angles where the frames will be installed, integrated sod cloth, tent bag, stake bags, angle bag, ropes and tensioners for security.

Elk’s tents can sustain very strong winds, and they’re an excellent choice if you need a serious tent that can take the abuse of snow, wind, and rain in harsh climates for winter deer hunts. Unfortunately, the package does not include poles, so ensure you get very strong aluminum poles to go with it. The stove jack is also uncut, allowing you to adjust it to your desired size to fit your preferred wood stove model.

best wall tents for snow
Elk Mountain’s tents provide ample living space.


  • Highly durable polyester canvas with breathable mesh for ventilation and smoke evacuation.
  • Comes with all the bags you need for carry.
  • Double layer protection at the edges to prevent tear.
  • Great stitching and seams.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Durable enough to protect against strong winds and other harsh elements.


  • Package does not include poles. Buyer will need to buy poles separately.

Montana Canvas

This Safari-themed Tent Package is a box of awesomeness. With quality 10oz treated Canvas Tent and aluminum Frame, it’s a great choice when it comes to durability and quality.

This tent features a 5 inch stove jack flap, strong aluminum frame, and strong joints. However, its best feature is the fact that it comes with a sturdy door with a storm flap and buckles to secure it to further insulate you from the elements.

You’ll also get a heavy duty vinyl bag for the frame, a zippered tent storage bag, 12″ steel tent stakes, rope tensioners, and 200 feet of polyester rope to secure your ten with. This one is also made in the USA if you’d prefer to buy an American made product.


  • Very durable ‘A’ grade treated canvas.
  • The product is very roomy with 5′ high tent walls.
  • Storm flap and extra security on the door for weather preparedness
  • Durable tensioners give this tent added stability high winds.


  • It does not specify if it has a floor sheet.
  • Not ALL tents come with a frame, so double check before ordering

Denver Tents

highest quality wall tents

Made of 10.10 oz Army duck canvas, this tent was created with durability in mind. It’s very solid, and it has ample room to support the average sized family. The cloth is heavy duty, and high-end polyvinyl thread holds the whole thing together.

It can be assembled in about an hour, and it comes with helpful color coded poles to make assembly a little easier if this is your first rodeo with a wall tent. The package includes pretty much everything you need except the floor sheet, so make sure to purchase one of those separately.

This tent will perform will in all seasons, but it also features a 6″ fiberglass stove pipe shield for safety if you need to use it for winter adventures. Plus, unlike other tents, which use cheaper aluminum, this tent features a high-quality steel frame and even steel tent stakes to go with it!

The zipper door is 3-way vertical with Nickel Fireman’s snap. It comes with a weather flap and D-ring closure as well. It’s a high-quality tent, but seems a bit pricey compared to some of our other picks. However, it is a great tent!


  • Support videos provided by Denver Tent Company for new users.
  • Color-coded poles for easy set up.
  • Can easily accommodate a family of 6 people.
  • Solid, heavy duty zippers provide needed protection.
  • Flame-retardant ropes are significantly fireproof.
  • Marine grade canvas ensures enhanced durability.


  • Does not include a floor sheet.
  • Also quite heavy.
  • A bit pricey for the size

Dream House Tents

tallest wall tent
The Dream House is likely the most affordable canvas tent you’ll find.

While it doesn’t quite have the name recognition and quality of the other tents on our list, this is one of the best values you’re going to find in a wall tent. In fact, it’s at least half the price, and if you only need something to take the family on hunts in mild weather, then this could be the one for you.

wall tents that are tall

This tent is spacious, and it can accommodate as many as 10 people! While this one features a more sloped design, the middle pole allows the tent to go much higher than some of the other tents on our list. So, if you’re really tall, you’ll appreciate that this one reaches 9.8 feet at the highest point and that it has a 6.2 foot door on it!

It’s made of durable cotton canvas and provides a waterproof PVC sheet on the bottom that’s very easy to keep clean. However, while this tent is marketed as a “four season” tent, it does not have a stove pipe opening, which will likely put a serious damper on your winter hunting trips with this one.

It can however withstand some seriously high winds, and the tent also includes lots of ventilation for the summer months too. It comes equipped with mosquito screens, two large doors, and overall, it’s a fantastic tent for the money if you only plan to use it during warmer months where a wood stove is not required. It’s likely the best canvas wall tent for families on a tight budget.


  • Sturdy canvas material for stability.
  • Great space for up to 10 people.
  • Can protect against heavy windstorms.
  • Double stitching for tent reinforcement.
  • Mosquito screens act as coolant and protection against mosquitoes.


  • May experience little leak during FIRST use in the rain, as the cotton canvas needs this first wetness to shrink and become totally waterproof.

Well, that’s all for today’s article! Hopefully our wall tent reviews have been helpful to you in your search. Just remember that every tent has pros and cons. That doesn’t necessarily make one bad, just not right for you!