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warmest boots for sitting in a treestand

The Warmest Hunting Boots For Sitting In A Tree Stand

Choosing the right hunting gear for your hunt is essential for you to be at the top of your game. Keeping dry and toasty warm should be your primary concern for cold hunts, but it’s not enough to just grab some warm weather gear. It’s also important to consider your

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coyote hunting tips for beginners

Coyote Hunting Tips For Beginners

Coyote hunting is a great way to spend the off season cutting down the numbers of these pesky dogs. It can help your deer herd numbers, help the small game population, and help farmers from losing valuable livestock. It’s also just plain fun and can put a few extra bucks

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22 250 vs 223

22 250 vs 223 vs 243 Comparison [With Ballistics!]

With hunting season right around the corner, many hunters are capitalizing on annual hunting sales and gearing up for another season. Now is as good a time as any to purchase a new hunting rifle, you can get plenty of practice done before gun season rolls along. That’s why in

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best guns for mule deer hunting

Best Mule Deer Caliber For Hunting

You finally drew that coveted mule deer tag! You have all your gear ready, and the perfect spot picked out. Now you’re tasked with picking which caliber of rifle to use for the hunt. Many factors go into this, and in this article, we’ll be discussing the best mule deer

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8mm mauser vs 30 06

8mm Mauser vs 30-06 – Compared [With Ballistics!]

While there are many cartridges plenty capable of hunting larger sized game, two rounds that many people compare and contrast are the .30-06 Springfield and the 7.92×57 Mauser (Or 8mm Mauser). Many hunters and sport shooters put these rounds against each other due to their similarity. While they indeed do

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