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best homemade deer attractant

Best homemade deer attractants (with recipes!)

While there are plenty of commercial deer attractants on the market, sometimes a little DIY is in order. Animals are individuals, and believe it or not, the deer in your area may not like the commercial attractants. Creating your own attractants is a good way to dial in your baits

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hypoallergenic hunting dogs

Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs and Low Shedding Hunting Dogs

If you’ve been itching to get yourself a hunting dog, but either you, or someone in your household is allergic, fear not! There are actually quite a few hypoallergenic dogs that would make fantastic hunting companions. Please note that we have extended this list to include hunting dogs that don’t

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where do deer go when it rains

Where Do Deer Go When It Rains or Snows?

Every hunter wants to know where to go to bag the biggest bucks. Over the years, it’s become common knowledge that deer don’t move in in-climate weather, but is that really true? In today’s article, we explore this idea, with input from industry experts and peer studies. We’ll talk about

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10 gauge vs 12 gauge

10 gauge vs 12 gauge – Which Is Better?

For gun enthusiasts, “best” is often heavily debated, and to be honest, it’s really a matter of opinion. The “best” of anything is typically dependent on your situation, your personal preferences, and the other gear which you plan to use with it. However, some hunters actually believe the 10 gauge

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Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Reviews and Thoughts

Top Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Reviews Interested in our own review of this great crossbow? Keep reading to get our take, see this crossbow’s specifications, and learn a little more about it from the hunters that we surveyed for this article! A Look At The Killer Instinct Ripper 415 If

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