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tru glo vs trijico sights

Truglo vs Trijicon – Which Glock Sight Comes Out On Top?

In today’s article, we’re going to be pitting two sights head-to-head. It’s Truglo vs Trijicon in today’s showdown. Does Truglo perform as well as Trijicon? Is Trijicon worth the extra cash? Let’s find out! Let’s start with a quick comparison chart TruGlo TFX PRO Trijicon HD XR Better Outdoor performance

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holosun vs vortex

Holosun vs Vortex – Who makes the best optics?

Today’s article is all about optics! While in many cases “the best gear” can be largely up to personal preference, we try our best to present the facts to help people make their choice. First though, here’s our top pick. We made this choice based on our own assessment, and

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eotech exps2 vs exps3

Eotech Exps3 vs Exps2 [Differences Explained!]

When you’re trying to get your gear on a budget, it can be tempting to go for older models to save some cash. After all, with a price difference of around $100 or so, you may be wondering whether the updated EXPS3 is really that much better than the EXPS2.

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eotech exps vs xps

EOTECH Exps3 vs Xps3 – Which is best?

Choosing the right sight can be tough sometimes. There are just so many models and brands! But, in this article, we’re going to break down the differences between these two models to help you pick the right one. To make things easy, we’ve created a little table which lists the

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