eotech exps2 vs exps3

Eotech Exps3 vs Exps2 [Differences Explained!]

When you’re trying to get your gear on a budget, it can be tempting to go for older models to save some cash. After all, with a price difference of around $100 or so, you may be wondering whether the updated EXPS3 is really that much better than the EXPS2.

In this article, we’ll be comparing these two sights to see whether or not this new version is really worth the extra cash. We’ve created a quick comparison table to help you out, but stay tuned for the full comparison if you want to know everything about these two sights.

EOTECH Exps3 vs Xps3

Eotech EXPS3 vs EXPS2

Night Vision?YESNO
Water Resistant?33 Feet10 Feet
Light Settings?20 Daylight + 10 Night20 Daylight
Battery Life?600 hours600 hours
Reticles?1, 2, & 4 dot1 & 2 dot
Warranty?10 years10 years
Check PriceCheck Price


The biggest differences between the EXPS3 and the EXPS2 is that the 2 series is not night vision compatible at all, so definitely keep that in mind before buying.

In addition, the EXPS3 comes with an additional reticle pattern which the EXPS2 is lacking. So, if you’d like to have the 4-dot pattern, the EXPS3 is the way to go.

The 2 series only has the 1 and 2 dot reticles available. While this is not a huge limitation, it is one which we are not willing to live with personally.

Both the EXPS3 and the EXPS2 have the buttons located on the side, which allows you to more easily attach something like a magnifier without it interfering with your brightness settings, unlike the XPS models.

(The XPS has the buttons on the back, by the way. If you were also looking to compare this model we have an EXPS3 vs XPS3 article too!)

In addition, EXPS3 is also submersible up to 33 feet. This is a huge improvement over the EXPS2, which will only make it 10 feet under water before your “water resistance” starts getting dicey. In short, while the EXPS3 does cost around $100 more, it definitely has some features which you will not want to miss out on.

That being said, in most other performance aspects, there is no difference between the sights. The two models are the same size, and they will perform much the same, with the noted exceptions we’ve talked about above. So, yes the EXPS2 is still viable if you can get it for a good deal, but we don’t recommend doing so.

You can see a hands-on comparison video of both of these optics below.

Are there any negatives to the EXPS3?

While we believe the EXPS3 is superior, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting one. For starters, the Quick Detach feature is cool, and it allows you to quickly swap your gear, but it does have a con.

This model has a riser which can mess with some setups. So, make sure it won’t be in the way of your gear. The height over rail for this sight is 45mm, which we talked a bit about in another article comparing the EXPS3 to the XPS3.

Both the EXPS2 and the EXPS3 have this riser. So, if you don’t want this on your sight then you might consider the XPS3 instead. While you will lose a few features (such as the Quick Detach function) going with this sight, it’s still a solid choice, and the XPS3 is also night vision compatible.