holosun vs rmr

Holosun vs RMR by Trijicon- Which Is Better?

Holosun and Trijicon RMR are two names that are very popular among hunters and shooters. The argument over which is better is fierce, making it difficult for them to decide which of these optics is the best.

That’s why in today’s article, we’ll discuss all the features, pros, and cons of both gun sights in order to make it easier for you to decide which one to buy. Let’s start with a quick comparison chart.

   Holosun HS507c    Trijicon RMR
  Dimensions (L x W x H)    1.15 in x 1.15 in x 1.78 in  1.8 in x 1.2 in x 1 in
  Weight    2.65 oz.  1.17 oz.
  Magnification    3x maximum  1x minimum
  Reticle    2 MOA dot  3.25 MOA Dot
  Reticle color    Red  Red
  Power source    1 Lithium Metal battery  1 Lithium Metal Battery
  Housing Material    Aluminum  Aluminum
  Finish    Matte black  Coyote Brown
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Key differences between Holosun vs RMR by Trijicon

Both Holosun and Trijicon are pretty great red dot sights, but still, there are several differences between these sights that need to be pointed out. The first difference that we must notice is that the Holosun gun sight is made in China. However, the Trijicon RMR is made in the USA.

While some people don’t care where their gear is made, a good number of shooting enthusiasts prefer products made in the USA. If this is you, then you’ll likely want to go with the Trijicon over the Holosun sights.

Some other major differences between the two gun sights include the location of brightness setting buttons and their stiffness (we will discuss in the next section).

The reticle dot, price, magnification, and dimensions are all different in both gun sights. However, the batteries used in both gun sights and the material used for building them is the same for both gun sights.

BUT, these are just specs. If you’re interested in knowing how these gun sights actually perform, keep reading for info from shooters who have used them.

This video does a great job showing differences between these sights in action.

Holosun 507c review

The Holosun 507c is an open reflex gun sight, which was specifically designed for pistols. This made in china product might be better than you would expect it to be. It features include a super LED for a perfect view. The battery life lasts up to 50,000 hours. Moreover, it includes a solar panel in order to keep the gun sight working during the day even when the battery is completely dead, a pretty unique feature.

The gunsight also features a multi-reticle system and shake awake technology. There are 12 brightness settings, along with automatic brightness adjustment in this gun sight. So, if you love fancy features, Holosun will quickly become your favorite brand for optics.

Buyers we surveyed love the ruggedness and accuracy of this gun sight. In addition, the 2 MOA dot and CQB circle help in getting a dead accurate target acquisition. However, a few buyers found it hard to set the zero, but overall, customers haven’t reported any major issues with the product. Click here to check out more reviews and check prices for the Holosun 507c.


  • Clearer lens (yellow tint)
  • Two types of red dots are featured in this gun sight. (2 MOA dot & CQB circle)
  • Long battery life up to 50k hours.
  • Twelve manual brightness settings along with automatic brightness adjustment.
  • You can change the 2 MOA dot to the CQB circle by clicking the negative brightness button for a longer time.
  • The battery is inserted from the side of the sight – you don’t need to ruin the zero while replacing the battery.
  • Holosun is very brighter than Trijicon RMR.
  • Lighter than Trijicon.
  • Costs less than Trijicon.
  • Solar panel aids in keeping the sight working even with a dead battery.
  • Very little/ unnoticeable parallax.


  • A few people find the zeroing hard.
  • Not made in USA

Trijicon RMR review

Trijicon RMR is the USA made rival of Holosun. Its coyote brown finish makes it one stylish gun sight, and it allows the user to adjust brightness settings according to his/her requirements. The sight is also compatible with night vision because of the adjustable LED.

Its 3.25 MOA dot is the most popular among consumers. However, the brightness adjustment buttons’ position is a little confusing because sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you need to push the button on the right side or left. A small complaint but a complaint none the less.

Trijicon has a battery life of 50,000 hours, just like Holosun. However, replacing a battery in Trijicon can is a bit annoying. Fortunately, you won’t have to do it very often with such a generous battery life. Click here to check prices and read more reviews for this excellent gun sight on Amazon.


  • Night vision enabled.
  • Great 3.25 MOA dot.
  • It is made out of durable and strong aluminum.
  • Long battery life up to 50k hours.
  • Multi-coated lens.
  • Easily adjustable windage.
  • Dual-illuminated options.
  • Blue tinted lens.
  • Made in USA


  • Costs more than Holosun.
  • Heavier than Holosun.
  • No solar panel.
  • Hard to change the battery.
  • Lesser sun-shielding.
  • Parallax is higher than Holosun.

The winner in this comparison is very clear. While both sights are great at what they do, when we compare them, one offers a lot more for the price.

Holosun is a great deal from our point of view, as it offers way more when it comes to features than the Trijicon RMR. It also costs less.

While Trijicon’s quality is never doubted, and it sure has its place in the market, when we compare it with Holosun, it’s clear that if you’re looking for the best value, Holosun is where it’s at. Though if you’d prefer a gun sight made in the USA, then Trijicon is the way to go here and it’s no slouch when it comes to optics.

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