Kenetrek vs Crispi vs Meindl – Who makes the best boot?

Choosing the proper boot is arguably one of the best things you’ll do for yourself on the hunt. An ill-fitting boot which is not matched for your climate quickly leads to disaster. It negatively impacts your performance, and it could even injure you on the wrong terrain.

But which boot is the right boot for you? In this article, we’ll be comparing three of the top boot brands to help you make that choice for yourself. However, if you don’t have time for the full article, then the chart below should give you the most important information.

crispi vs kennetrek
Fit?NarrowVery WideVaries
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Tread?Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On Black OvisCheck Price On Amazon

Editor’s Pick


One of the biggest reasons for Kennetrek being our top pick is that they offer out of warranty repairs. While Crispi will fix boots within warranty, they don’t seem to offer any “out of warranty” repairs.

The fact that Kennetrek does means that you’ll be able to squeeze more life out of your boots outside the initial 12 month “safety period”, and that’s a BIG selling point as far as we’re concerned. We couldn’t find any information on repairs for boots for Meindl USA.

kennetrek vs meindl

In contrast, Kennetrek makes it much easier to send your boots back for service out of warranty, and they clearly state prices as well. A much better experience for the consumer.

However, the Kennetreks are honestly just a great boot all around. They’re comfortable, durable, and they have options for hunters in a variety of different climates.

While the Kennetreks are great boots, some hunters complained that they were a bit narrow. So, if you normally wear a narrow boot, then a regular fit would be for you. Buy them from a place like Amazon that has a great return policy so you can get a fit that works for you.

Kennetrek vs Meindl vs Crispi

So, in this part of article I wanted to go a little more in-depth on the information in the chart above. It’s hard to fit everything you need to know in that small space, so here’s a longer comparison on these boots on the key markers we noted.

Fit and comfort levels

Most hunters confirmed that the Kennetrek boots fit a bit narrow. This means that if you are typically a narrow size, then you should buy the regular fit. If you have very wide feet, then you could have trouble finding a pair to fit you and you’ll need to try them on. Purchase from a store with a no questions asked return policy like Amazon to get a good fit. Overall, the comfort level for Kennetrek was top rated, and they are especially good for long hikes over rough terrain, such as for sheep hunting.

inside a kennetrek boot

For Meindl, things are a little less certain. The fit of these tends to depend very much on what boot you get, and you may need to try on multiple pairs to find one that works for you. If you can find them in a store, then that may help, but again, Amazon has a generous return policy, and reading the reviews for the individual boots should help you narrow down the size.

As for Crispi, most hunters reported a wider fit for these boots. So, if you’re a narrow fit, size down. Comfort levels for these boots were on-par with Kennetrek, but the tread might not be as good for rougher terrain.

PS. Be careful buying Meindls boots online. Not all of them are listed in US sizes, and international shoe sizing is very different!

Warranty, customer service, and repairs

While all three brands offer a 12 month warranty, we feel Kennetrek really shines here. As well as honoring their products in the warranty frame, they’re also ready to help outside of it.

Kennetrek makes sending your boots back for repair easy and stress free. They also are upfront about how much these repairs will cost you, and it lets you easily get more life out of your boots.

Getting out of warranty repairs done on the other two boots in our review is much tougher. You may need to find a “certified retailer” to get repair work, and in the case of Meindl, we couldn’t find any information on repairs for their “USA branch”.

For Crispi, we struggled to find how to get repairs done at all, with the only clue being a mysterious cobbler in Utah? This is simply not acceptable in our opinion, and Kennetrek is the clear winner here.

Price and Value

The Kennetrek’s biggest failing is that they are the most expensive boot on our list. The Meindls are the cheapest offering, and they seem to be of decent quality for the price. If not for their iffy repair policy we’d probably rate them higher, to be honest.

As for the Crispis, depending on which model you get, the *could* be cheaper, but a model comparable to the Moutain Extreme would likely offer little savings, with the con of not being able to get repairs done on them.

For us, savings a few dollars does not justify losing out on Kennetrek’s excellent customer service. If price is really a concern, then it’d be better to wait for a close out or similar deal to purchase a quality pair of Kennetreks.

PS. Looking for a great Kennetrek boot to add to your hunting wardrobe? The Mountain Extreme makes both our ‘Best Elk Hunting Boots‘ and ‘Best Sheep Hunting Boots‘ lists!