Leica Noctivid vs Swarovski EL vs Zeiss Victory SF

Leica Noctivid vs Swarovski EL vs Zeiss Victory SF

Choosing between three top brand binoculars is quite a hard task. To make it easier for you, we have come up with a comparison of Leica Noctivid, Swarovski EL, and Zeiss Victory SF binoculars.

All of these three binoculars are kind of masterpieces but there are several noteworthy differences between them that we will discuss in this article. The discussion will cover all the features, pros, and cons of these binoculars.

  Leica Noctivid   Swarovski EL  Zeiss Victory SF
 Magnification  8x or 10x 8, 8.5, 10, or 12x 8 or 10x
 Objective lens   42mm 32, 42, or 50mm 42 or 32mm
 Weight   860 g 880g 780 g
 Apparent field of view   64 degrees 61 degrees 64 degrees
 Actual Field of view   112m 112m 120m
 Close focus  1.9m 5m 1.5m
 Size   150mm 160mm 173mm
 Eye relief   19mm 17.3mm 18mm
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Leica Noctivid vs Swarovski EL vs Zeiss Victory SF – Key differences.

All of these binoculars have key differences in their close focus, eye relief, weight, and field of view (apparent and actual).

One of the first things you’ll want to know here is what magnification and lens diameter you need, because all of these binoculars have different options and depending on your needs, this could decide it for you!

Magnification Options For The Three

Leica Noctivid

Zeiss Victory SF

When it comes to Leica vs Swarovski binoculars configurations, the Noctivid comes in pretty basic ones. The 8x magnification is preferred by bird watchers, while the 10x is often preferred by hunters. The lens is a decent size and lets in good light.

The Zeiss Victory offers a few additional configurations if you need them, but the Swarovski EL offers the real options here. Their 10×50 will offer the best light transmission with good magnification, but they are also the only one of the three to offer the 12×50, which are loved for long-range hunting.

Be aware however, it’s pretty tough to hold a 12x binocular steady. You’ll most likely need a tripod if you want to use these ones. However, the option is there.

The difference in the eye relief featured in these three binoculars is also prominent as the Leica Noctivid offers the highest eye relief. The apparent field of view is the same for the Leica and Zeiss (64 degrees) while it is different for the Swarovski EL. Next comes the actual field of view of these three binoculars, the actual FOV is the same for the Leica Noctivid and Swarovski EL while it is slightly greater for the Zeiss Victory SF.

Now we will talk about the difference in the close focus of the three binoculars. The Leica Noctivid has a close focus up to 1.9m while the close focus featured in the Swarovski EL and the Zeiss Victory SF is 5m and 1.5m respectively.

Okay, but these are just specs. So, in the next section, we’ll talk about the field performance of these binoculars using data from surveyed users.

Leica Noctivid Review

Leica’s Noctivid has always been in direct competition with the Swarovski EL and Zeiss Victory SF. Leica Noctivid is completely full of top-end technology. The prisms of these binoculars are made of high transmission (HT) Schott glass. It consists of field-flattened eyepieces. The smooth rubber armor is black in color which gives it a sassier look. In the focus, the wheel is the diopter integrated and the locks are in place.

The slim barrel structure of these binoculars makes it easier for the user to hold it with just one hand, and the external lenses of these binoculars are “Aquadura” waterproof coating that makes the cleaning easier and keeps the water from sticking on the lenses.

People who have used these binoculars loved the sharp and clear view. Although some have complained that they are heavy for their size. Click here to check prices and read more reviews for these binoculars.


  • The lens and eyecups are fog and waterproof
  • The lenses provide a great deal of clarity to the image
  • Eyecups adjustment is easy
  • The construction quality of these binoculars is outstanding
  • Focus range is close enough to make it feel like the object being seen through the binocular is right in front of the user.  
  • The broad field of view
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fine and smooth focus nob
  • HT glass
  • Field-flattened eyepieces


  • Heavier than Zeiss Victory SF
  • Costs more than the Zeiss Victory SF

Swarovski EL review

The Swarovski EL is an innovative pair of binoculars that consists of the best image-enhancing technologies like the SwaroVision, SwaroClean, and SwaroBright. The binoculars are completely water and fog proof.

The binoculars also feature a twilight factor of around 20.5. the short focus distance is around 4.9 feet. And the swanky green finish upgrades the FieldPro package. These binoculars are a complete package for all binocular users. These are comfortable to use and the manufacturers have made them ergonomic and obviously proficient.

Hunters we surveyed loved the waterproofing and the clarity of image attained through these binoculars. However, bird watchers also love the Swarovski EL, and claim it’s like watching birds with the naked eye rather than through an optic. Click here to read more reviews and check prices for the Swarovski EL.


  • The quality of the glass is excellent
  • Lens coating quality is perfect
  • Eye relief is extended
  • It is tripod adaptable
  • Submersible
  • Nitrogen purged
  • The central focus is smooth
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • High light transmission (about 90%)
  • Magnesium chassis


  • Costs more than both Leica and Zeiss
  • Heavier than both Leica and Zeiss
  • The strap is hard to adjust

Zeiss Victory SF review

The lightest yet the longest pair of binoculars among the three binoculars. The brilliant optics and unparalleled FOV featured in these binoculars make them one of a kind.

The FOV of 120/1000m is an amazing feature for bird watchers, and the fast-focus makes it easy to follow small, quick moving targets through the brush.

The crisp and clear image and the light gathering qualities of Zeiss Victory SF are the most loved features by consumers. Click here to check prices and read additional reviews for this product.


  • Ultra-FL glass lenses
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Magnesium chassis
  • Diopter is lockable
  • Optimal color correction through ED glass
  • Zeiss T* coating for sharp image
  • Lighter than both Swarovski and Leica
  • Longer eye relief than Swarovski
  • Cheaper than both Swarovski and Leica


  • The zoom focus adjustment is a little loose
  • Cheaper than both Swarovski and Zeiss but still costly


While all three pairs of binoculars do their job, we think the Swarovski EL does it just a little bit better. The quality of Swarovski’s optics and the greater range of magnification options make them our top pick.

It’s hard to tell from specs alone, but in real world performance, the Swarovski EL is recommended again and again, and for good reason. It’s just a damn good optic.