leupold vx5 vs vx6

Leupold VX5 vs VX6 – What’s The Difference?

It’s a great time to be a hunter. The number of optics options available these days is both exciting and confusing. If you’ve been wondering which scope is worth your dollars, the VX5 or the VX6, look no further. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing these two great optics options, listing the pros and cons, and consulting hunter reviews for each one.

While the scopes are pretty similar, there are a few key differences you should be aware of. Here’s a handy chart to help you out.

  Leupold VX5 HD  Leupold VX6 HD
 Magnification  2-10X 3-18X
 Objective size   42mm 50mm
 Size  12.5” 13.5”
 Eye Relief  3.8” 3.7”
 Reticle  Duplex FireDot Duplex (illuminated)
 FOV  57.5’-19.1’ @100 yards 38.2’-6.9’ @100 yards
 Tube size  30mm 30mm
 Weight   16.8 Oz 20.7 Oz
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What is the difference between Leupold VX5 HD and VX6 HD?

Both hunting scopes have the same glass but, the power ranges are different for both. The Leupold VX5 HD offers a magnification range of 2-10X, but the magnification range of the VX6 HD is 3-18X. Though, there is also a pretty big price difference between the two, with the VX5 being a good bit cheaper.

The zoom ratio that is featured by the VX-5 is 5:1 and while the zoom ratio of VX-6 is 6:1. Both the scopes offer a fast-focus eyepiece that helps the shooter in shifting from a wide-field view to an up-close view quickly. If you’re concerned about carrying weight, then you may also be interested to know that the VX-5 is a good bit smaller and lighter, as you can see in the above comparison chart.

The above video explains and shows the reticle features of the VX6

The VX-5 features the Duplex reticle while the VX-6 features the illuminated FireDot Duplex reticle. There is no difference between the Twilight Max Light Management System featured in both scopes for shooting/hunting during dusk or dawn or in less light though. (Which is a great feature to have!)

The objective size and the FOV of both scopes are also different. For VX-5 the objective size is about 42mm and the FOV range is about 57.5’-19.1’ @100 yards. On the other hand, for VX- 6 the objective size is 50mm, and the FOV range is 38.2’-6.9’ @100 yards. And lastly, there is the difference between the eye relief that these hunting scopes feature, VX-5 comes with an eye relief of 3.8” while the eye relief offered by VX-6 is 3.7”

Now that you have an idea about the key differences between these two scopes, let’s discuss what buyers liked or disliked about both products.

Leupold VX5HD Review

Leupold VX-5 HD comes with a zoom ratio of 5:1. The CDS lock system and the A ¼-MOA click adjustment feature offered by all the CDS dials is awesome. Hunters have always loved the generous eye box and the CDS lock system in VX-5 that doesn’t let the turret spin.

The fog and waterproof main tube and the scratch and dustproof Guard Ion lens coating on the lens makes the hunting scope more durable. The quality of glass used in Leupold scopes is always worth mentioning as well, though this is true for all of their optics.

The Duplex reticle featured by the X-5 is one of the most liked features by gun enthusiasts. Though, the high-quality, clear optics and the Twilight Max Light Management System are also fan favorites as well.

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  • It’s cheaper than the VX-6
  • High-quality glass
  • Fog and waterproof main tube
  • Scratchproof lens
  • CDS for more precise shots
  • Locking turret to avoid the turret spin
  • Lighter in weight than the VX-6
  • Eye relief up to 3.8”
  • The generous eye box
  • 2 turns of elevations
  • Duplex reticle


  • Lesser magnification than VX-6
  • Doesn’t have an exposed windage turret

Leupold VX6HD Review

The Leupold VX-6 offers a zoom ratio of 6:1 and a magnification range of 3-18X. The fast-focus eyepiece and the Twilight Max Light Management System are the same as in the Leupold VX-5. Hunters have loved the illuminated FireDot reticle and the exposed windage turret feature of this scope. Just like Leupold VX-5, this scope also comes with the generous eye box and the CDS ZeroLock 2 feature.

The custom dial system of this scope also works great, and many hunters love it. The factory MOA dial with the CDS option makes it easier to dial in, and the long-range accuracy of this scope is unmatched.

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  • High-quality glass
  • Scratch proof lens
  • Water and fog proof main tube
  • CDS ZeroLock system
  • Generous eye box
  • FireDot reticle (illuminated)
  • Custom dial system
  • Magnification range higher than the VX-5
  • 50mm objective size
  • Anti-cant feature
  • Comes with aluminum scope caps
  • CDS for more precise shots
  • Great for long-range shots
  • Internal electronic level


  • Costs more than VX-5
  • A little heavier than the VX-5


While there is a lot that’s the same about these two scopes, the Leupold VX6HD comes with some extra features like the higher magnification range and the Anti-cant feature.

The custom dial system and the internal electronic level along with different power ranges make it more worthy of your money. So, if you can afford the VX-6 we would say go for it.

Between VX-5 and VX-6, the VX-6 is a better choice without any doubt, but both scopes have amazing features, and if the VX-6 is too expensive for you then the VX5 is also a great scope. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.