Nightforce Beast vs ATACR

Nightforce Beast vs ATACR

We are here with another comparison between two popular rifle scopes for you. If you are going to get a rifle scope for yourself and are struggling to choose between the NightForce BEAST and ATACR rifle scopes, then we have got you covered. You will get all the information including the specifications features, pros, and cons of both scopes.

First, we’ll compare some product specs, but keep reading to learn what this all means, and how these scopes performed in the field.

    NightForce BEAST NightForce ATACR
 Objective lens diameter   56mm 56mm
 Magnification   5-25 x 5-25 x
 Tube diameter   34mm 34mm
 Reticle focal plane   First focal plane (FFP) Second focal plane (SFP)
 Exit Pupil   2.3 – 8.3mm 2.2 – 10.52 mm
 Field of view   4.92 – 18.7 feet at 100 yards 4.92 – 18 feet at 100 yards
 Eye relief   3.35 – 3.54 in 3.54 in
 Weight   39 Oz 39 Oz
 Length   15.37 in 14.3 in
 Illumination color  Green, Red Red
 Adjustment range   120 MOA 16 – 120 MOA  
 Parallax   45 yards to infinity 45 yards to infinity
 Magnification type   Variable Variable
 Additional features  Zero Stop  Zero Stop
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Nightforce Beast vs ATACR- Key differences

Most of the features of the NightForce BEAST and ATACR are the same but a few differences distinguish them from each other.

The biggest difference between these scopes is in the Reticle focal plane, the NightForce BEAST uses a First focal plane (FFP) while the NightForce ATACR uses a second focal plane. The next difference between these scopes is the Exit pupil they feature. The NightForce BEAST features an exit pupil of about 2.3 – 8.3mm while the exit pupil range featured in the NightForce ATACR is 2.2 – 10.52 mm.

The other differences include the difference in the length, eye relief, and adjustments as mentioned in the table above. BEAST is known as the powerhouse performer while the ATACR is an advanced tactical device. The tube size of both the scopes is the same but both have different dimensions.

Okay, but that’s just specs. What about real world performance? Keep reading for more information on that.

NightForce BEAST rifle scope review

Just like the ATACR this scope also has a tube of 34mm. When this scope was launched some people believed that the name referred to the enhanced appearance, weight, and size of this scope but in reality, it has nothing to do with any of these things.

This scope was originally manufactured in order to overcome a few basic problems. The speed adjustments of this scope are extremely fast and the user of this scope can easily, quickly, and accurately calibrate the scope in the field.

People who have used the NightForce BEAST have praised the Optic quality and the 120 MOA of the solid sniping glass. The resolution and the red and green-lighted reticle is also loved by consumers. Click here to read additional reviews and check prices for this scope.


  • Great resolution
  • Great reticle for CQB and long-distance shots
  • First focal plane
  • 120 MOA
  • Zero stop
  • Green and red illumination color
  • Turrets offer impressive elevation controls
  • Quick and accurate calibration with the speed adjustments


  • Costs double the price of NightForce ATACR
  • Shorter exit pupil

NightForce ATACR review

The most liked thing about the NightForce ATACR is the ED Glass that provides superior quality of view and clarity. Not only hunters but military snipers also find this scope very useful. This scope also features zero stop just like the BEAST. The zero stop feature helps the settings to go back to zero after every shot. For NightForce ATACR reticles buyers have two choices in the second focal plane:

  • MOAR
  • MIL-R

Consumers have regarded this scope as one of their best purchases. They have also loved the quality of the scope and the clarity of its glass. The precise shots made with this scope have gathered lots of positive reviews as well. Click here to read additional reviews and check prices on this scope.


  • Costs less than the BEAST
  • Great optic
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Zero stop feature
  • ED glass
  • Good parallax adjustment
  • Clear field of view
  • Long-range


  • Costs less than BEAST but is still very pricey
  • Buyers have complained about the heaviness


Although there are differences between these two scopes, it is still hard to call one of these the best one. Both of the scopes are highly efficient for what they are made for. The decision totally depends on the buyer. You can buy the one that suits you, your needs and your pocket well. Click here to compare both scopes on Amazon.