surefire xc1 vs xc1b

Surefire xc1 vs xc1b – Which One Is Better?

Every self-defense advocate needs a good weapon light, but which one should you choose? There are so many brands and models on the market today it’s hard to compare them to find the best value for your money.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be comparing Surefire’s XC1 and XC1-B weapon lights to help you decide which is right for you! Let’s start with a features comparison chart to make it easy.

   Surefire XC1    Surefire XC1-B
  Max Output    200 lumens  300 lumens
  High Runtime    90 minutes  45 minutes
  Peak beam intensity    730 candela  820 candela
  Distance    54 meters  54 meters
  Batteries    1 AAA rechargeable NiMH  1 AAA rechargeable NiMH
  Construction    Aluminum  Aluminum
  Finish    Mil-Spec Hard Anodized  Mil-Spec Hard Anodized
  Bezel diameter    0.4 in  0.375 in
  Weight    2 oz.  1.6 oz.
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XC1 vs XC1b – Differences Explained

While the XC1-B and XC1 are very similar size-wise, the XC1 has a much higher lumen output (300), and greater peak beam intensity. However, this improved performance comes with a much shorter run time of 45 minutes vs the XC1b’s 90 minute run-time.

This means you’ll need to make a choice: do you want brighter beam or longer run time? If you decide runtime is more important, don’t worry. The XC1B is no slouch itself and is still a powerful and worthwhile weapon light.

Price-wise, these weapon lights seem to be about equal. BUT, these are just specs! If you’d like to know how these two lights perform and some key information from people who have used them extensively, keep reading.

Surefire XC1 review

The Surefire XC1 is specially designed for accompanying guns with white-light. This weapon light consists of a high-performance LED with an output of 200 lumens, shaped with the help of a multifaceted reflector.

The beam exhibited by XC1 is perfectly designed for human vision, as there is no bright center, but the light is divided evenly. This weapon light is made out of airplane-grade aluminum for high durability.

While some consumers complained about the high price of this weapon light, they also agree that it’s worth every penny while grumbling about it. The XC1 light is slim and compact. Moreover, it is easy to control and operate. Consumers love this product because it is great for close-distance shots. Click here to read more reviews and check prices on the Surefire XC1.


  • 90 Minutes Run Time
  • Small and compact in size
  • Available with and without laser.
  • Great for concealed carrying.
  • Multifaceted reflector for even distribution of the light.
  • Beam pattern specially optimized for human sight.
  • Ambidextrous switch for both momentary and constantly-on activation.
  • Hard anodized finishing.
  • It is made out of airplane-grade aluminum.


  • Heavier than XC1-B.
  • Bigger than XC1-B.
  • Only 200 lumens of maximum output.
  • Lesser peak beam intensity.

Surefire XC1-B review

The XC1-B is an upgraded version of Surefire’s XC1 weapon light series. This compact weapon light has been popular among shooters because of its small size and extremely lightness.

Its high-performance LED generates 300 lumens, making it far more powerful than the XC1. However, this also comes with greater battery drain, and this weapon light will last just 45 minutes, compared to the XC1’s 90 minute run time.

The XC1-B offers ambidextrous switching for both constantly-on and momentary activation, and it can be mounted on pretty much any gun with a universal rail.

As far as complaints go, there aren’t many when it comes to this product! Consumers love the XC1-B’s quality and how it fits on most any gun. However, a few consumers don’t like how close together the switches are. Click here to check prices and read additional reviews for this excellent weapon light.


  • 300 lumens – higher maximum output than XC1.
  • 820 candelas peak beam intensity – higher than XC1.
  • Smaller and more compact than the XC1.
  • Lighter than XC1.
  • Hard anodized finishing.
  • Gasket sealed – water and fog proof.
  • Securely mounts any universal-rail-equipped gun.
  • Ambidextrous switching for momentary and constantly-on activation.
  • Airplane-grade aluminum body – highly durable.
  • Perfectly optimized beam pattern for human eyes.
  • Great for close distances and concealed carrying.


  • Only 45 minutes run time

In conclusion, if it were us, we’d prefer the XC1B. It offers far superior power when compared to the XC1, it’s lighter weight, and better peak beam intensity make it a winner in our book.

However, if for whatever reason, you need more run time, go with the XC1. While not as powerful, this weapon light will last almost twice as long as the XC1-B due to its smaller light output putting less strain on the battery.