swhacker broadheads reviews

Swhacker Broadhead Reviews

Swhacker Broadheads get plenty of buzz at annual trade shows, and most hunters know that the brand is well loved, but is the hype deserved? The truth is, that choosing the right broadhead for the job is far more important than brand selection, because even the best broadhead will preform poorly if used incorrectly.

Swhacker Broadheads are available in a good range of designs, sizes, and shapes, and even if you’re an experienced hunter when it comes to guns, bows are an entirely different animal. There’s a lot more to choosing the correct broadhead, and making a mistake could have you missing out on your kill!

In this article, we’re going to review the top Swhacker broadhead models and give you our top picks, including which ones you should choose based on your situation. If you’re new to using broadheads, then head to the bottom for an explanation on how to choose the correct broadheads for your hunting setup. Alright! Here are our top picks!

Swhacker 3 Blade Broadhead

swhacker broadhead reviews
Easy to use and reliable, this model is a favorite of many hunters.

One of Swackers highest rated broadhead models, this broadhead will perform for you on any hunt, and for good reason. While many other broadheads will perform nicely on a hunt, their life can be very short, with them sometimes looking beaten after only a few shots.

That’s not the case for this broadhead, and thanks to its unique design, you’ll be able to pull it out and it will retain sharpness. One hunter claims he took 40 shots, and then shaved his arm hair with the blade to test its sharpness!

There are three edges to the blades. The primary blade pierces the skin and rib cage, taking the blunt of the trauma. Then the secondary blades extend, allowing them to stay sharp while penetrating the organs for a quick and humane death for your prey. That also means less energy is used for penetration, and you won’t need as much power behind the broadhead to push it through.

Swacker uses superior materials to manufacture their broadheads, and these are made from high-quality steel that’s hardened for excellent piercing power. This particular model only comes in 100 grain though, so make sure that it will work with your setup before you purchase them.

Some hunters are displeased with this broadhead, but likely because they did not adequately gauge their setup before purchasing them. As previously stated, choosing the right broadhead to work with your gear is far more important than the brand itself, and you should make sure you understand that before buying anything. See more reviews and specs here.


  • Very durable
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Flies like a practice head
  • Low energy requirements
  • Easy to use


  • The cutting diameter is relatively small
  • Only available in the 100-grain weight version

Swhacker Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

swhacker broadhead review
Hybrid broadheads can deliver devastating damage to prey.

With the Swhacker Hybrid broadhead pack, you get three high-quality broadheads that deliver a strong performance regardless of what the target is. These broadheads are 125-grain (though 100 grain is also available) and are fitted with 2 expandable blades that open on impact and lodge themselves deep into the target.

The blades open extremely fast and are made of stainless-steel which pass through flesh with ease and precision. What’s more, the aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule also adds stability and sturdiness to the broadhead which ensures you’ll be able to reuse it for future hunts.

One of the technologies employed by the manufacturer is the Shock Collar technology, whose central role is to ensure blade retention. The broadheads are available in packs of three or four, and you also get a free practice head which will allows you to practice with a broadhead which will fly the same as the one you’ll be hunting with, which is always nice. Check prices, available sizes, and see more reviews here.


  • Very durable
  • Carbon steel chisel tip
  • Light weight
  • Flies true to practice heads
  • Excellent hybrid model


  • Small cutting diameter

Swhacker 2 Inch Cut Broadheads

best swhacker broadheads
Ruthless, sharp, and durable best describe Swhacker broadheads.

The Swhacker 100-Grain 2-Inch Broadhead is an automatic broadhead with two blades together, which are bowed once you shoot them. The sides mostly bend outward into the ferrule, hitting the target with devastating results.

When this bolt strikes, the wing blades work to take out the skin and the ribs, allowing the automatic blades to remain sharp and puncture the internal organs. Many hunters claim that their deer only make it 40-60 yards before dropping thanks to this design.

These broadheads feature a strong, aircraft grade aluminum design, and they retain their sharpness, even after many shots. Plus, a smaller blade takes less force to reach impact, meaning that your broadhead has to do less work and face less resistance to enter the hide.

What’s bad about this broadhead? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some hunters claim to get great blood trails, and others find none at all. This can heavily depend on how good your shoot is and at what angle though. So, it’s hard to know whether the equipment or the hunter is actually to blame.

However, that also tends to be the price you pay when using a cleaner cutting 2 blade vs a 3 or 4 blade model. Less energy is required and the cut is cleaner, but the blood trail could be less.

In any case, this is a fantastic broadhead, especially for the price, and it’s worth a shot for how affordable they are. Check out some other reviews to see what I mean and decide for yourself.


  • Efficient and clean cut
  • Retain sharpness
  • Offers a more humane kill
  • Very durable
  • Very affordable
  • Prime cutting diameter


  • Iffy blood trails
  • Occasional quality control issues

Swhacker 2 Blade Crossbow Broadhead

This 2 blade Swhacker model is made specifically for crossbows. It’s a superior broadhead made of chrome steel that resist corrosion and rust. The ferrule is aircraft-grade aluminum to help the arrow maintain a low weight profile.

These broadheads are also hardened for better piercing power, and you’ll find that this excellent and compact 150 grain broadhead pairs great with many different crossbow hunting setups.

The 3 inch cutting power of this broadhead ensures that you land a kill and not just injure a deer that you now have to chase through the woods. Bigger wound channels and the fact that this crossbow broadhead is designed to maximum internal damage, make it a fantastic choice for the discerning crossbow hunter.

The main edge cuts through the body, bypassing the bones and muscles, saving the mechanical blades, the real stars of the show, for the internal organs. This provides maximum damage to lungs or other vital tissue, bringing down deer fast, and it practically guarantees a kill as long as your shot is not awful. Check out other reviews and see the specs here for these.


  • The blades have a compact design
  • Stainless Steel constructions
  • 3 inch diameter makes for devastating wounds
  • Very durable
  • Great blood trails


  • No complaints

Swhacker Deep Six Broadhead

A favorite of world champion archer Levi Morgain, the Swhacker Deep Six is excellent for long distance shots and stalking. The solid, stainless steel one piece ferrule adds rigidity, and the chisel tip on these broadheads provides bone crushing power.

are swhacker broadheads any good

This 2 blade head is extremely sharp steel, and it makes big, beautiful exit wounds that leave excellent blood trails. However, despite this fantastic performance, it’s also easy to shoot, and it moves similarly to practice tips that you’ll be used to.

That makes the Swhacker Deep Six Broadhead a wonderful choice for hunters of many different hunting styles and skill levels. To see more specs for this particular broadhead, you can go here.


  • Full stainless steel one piece design
  • Devastating exit wounds and big blood trails
  • Great accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • 2 inch diameter broadheads


  • Limited grain weights

How to choose the best broadhead for your hunting style

Above all, someone searching for the right broadhead should consider the size of the broadhead and therefore the cutting diameter. This is most important when fitting a broadhead to your existing hunting setup.

If you choose the wrong size broadhead, then your accuracy will be disappointing, and your penetration could be sub-par. This either leads to lost game, or an exhausting chase for you, and prolonged suffering for the animal.

Here are a few things to consider.

Cutting diameter

One important issue to think through is that the cutting diameter. The Broadhead to buy must have a worthy cutting-diameter and diffusion complexity. As all kinds have their own cutting-diameter, you want to know what you need beforehand. A broadhead is going to be impractical if it’s a worthy cutting-diameter but deprived diffusion complexity. It’s essential to test the cutting-diameter and also the number of blades before picking the most effective broadhead for your needs.


Before you choose a brand and model, confirm the broadhead’s weight is correct for your current hunting setup. Choosing the incorrect weight is often disastrous for accuracy and causes you to be a less effective hunter.

Number of Blades

The number of blades is largely a matter of preference. More blades can sometimes create bigger wound channels and therefore larger blood trails. However, you will also need more power to propel these blades, and they are not as efficient as simpler broadheads with less blades. The truth is, 2 blades are just as good for most game.


I’s also important to make sure that the inserts you have in your arrows fit the heads. A number of the ultra-thin arrows within the market require special inserts that may boost the price and complexity of your setup. So be wary of that.