warmest boots for sitting in a treestand

The Warmest Hunting Boots For Sitting In A Tree Stand

Choosing the right hunting gear for your hunt is essential for you to be at the top of your game. Keeping dry and toasty warm should be your primary concern for cold hunts, but it’s not enough to just grab some warm weather gear.

It’s also important to consider your style of hunting. While you might be nice and warm hiking through the woods, the story could be much different in the tree stand. When your activity level drops, the cold creeps in, and that’s why we recommend these boots for tree stand hunters!

Note: It might also be a good idea to size up on cold weather boots! Tight boots make your feet cold, and a larger size also allows you to wear thick socks, which are an important part of keeping warm in your stand.

Editor’s Pick

Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro 1600g

Out of all of the hunters we surveyed, the Alphaburly pro was the most popular boot for tree stand hunting, and for good reason. These bad boys are not only high-quality and comfortable for long treks to your favorite hunting grounds, but they also keep you toasty warm with their generous insulation layer.

They’re lightweight, making their presence negligible when you’re on the move, but also waterproof to resist the elements and keep you dry.

That being said, they are rubber boots, and rubber always wears faster than leather. So, if rubber is not your thing, then we have some great all leather recommendations below as well.

For the female hunters out there, they also make a very nice women’s fit for this boot! It’s often tough to find a woman’s boot that’s more about function than fashion, so the Alpha Burly Pro is a welcome addition.

These boots also have some of the highest level of insulation available, making them some of the warmest hunting boots made. So, if you need something to keep your toes from freezing off, this is your pick.

PS. Want to see how this brand stacks up against other rubber boots? Check out our Mucks vs Bogs vs Lacrosse comparison article to get the facts.


  • Most popular pick
  • VERY warm
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent heel fit to avoid chaffing
  • Great price
  • Has a women’s fit version


  • Rubber isn’t as durable as leather
  • Print pattern fades quickly
  • Sometimes tough to take on and off

Danner Pronghorn 1200g

warmest boots for tree stand hunting
The Pronghorn also made our ‘Best Elk hunting Boots Top 5′ list!

These high-quality and waterproof boots come in at number 2 on our list.

These particular Pronghorns feature a Gor-Tex waterproof lining, and a generous amount of insulation.

Danner’s quality shines through here yet again. The Pronghorn is extremely comfortable, and a good bet if you have a ways to go to get to your stand.

These boots all feature a durable full-grain leather upper, heel, and toe cap. This allows the material to more easily conform to your foot. Plus, it includes a comfort foot bed which hits on all the foot’s major pressure points to make your long day on the hunt more enjoyable.

However, you should also be aware that all leather boots require a break-in period. So, if you wear this out on a hunt brand spankin’ new, then you might be in for a painful surprise. Check prices on this boot here.


  • Gor-Tex Waterproofing
  • Very Warm
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Good ankle support


  • Break-in Period
  • Bad choice for narrow feet

Rocky Bearclaw 1000g

While Rocky doesn’t quite have the name-brand weight that Danner carries, these boots are of no less quality. In fact, Bearclaws are frequently recommended by hunters, and you should consider them when searching for a cold weather boot.

They feature all-leather construction, are waterproof, and some hunters surveyed claimed they were the best boots they’ve ever owned. For those who have a long way to hike to get to their stand, these boots could be a good choice. They offer fantastic tread, which can navigate varying terrain, they’re comfortable, and they offer excellent ankle support.

This video talks a bit more about the boot’s construction.

Our favorite feature of these boots is the adjustable lacing system. This allows you to get the best fit for your feet to avoid chaffing, or blistering on your hunting treks.

The only real complaint about these boots? The fit might be on the wide side, so if your feet are narrow, it could be a problem. Buy from somewhere like Amazon with a good return policy to make sure you get a good fit.


  • All leather construction
  • Good ankle support
  • Durable
  • Great tread
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable lacing system


  • Fit is on the wide side
  • No dedicated women’s fits
  • Tread needs some break-in
  • Pricey

In closing, there is no one “best boot”. The best boot is the one that fits you the best and keeps you warm. Though there’s a little more to it than that..make sure the boot you pick is comfortable, fits well, has the right amount of insulation for your climate, and allows you to wear thick socks. Then you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

However, if you’re still chilled to the bone no matter what, then investing in some arctic shield boot covers could help too.