Vortex Venom vs Holosun 507c

Vortex Venom vs Holosun 507c – Which Is The Better Sight?

Nowadays miniature reflex sights are becoming very popular, among the shooting community. The reasons behind the popularity are clearly because of the easy mounting and the help they provide in faster and more accurate shots.

However, there are a lot of choices when it comes to these sights. So, which one do you pick? How do you know what sight is worth your hard earned cash?

In this article, we offer some insight into these two gun sights to help you choose the correct one for your application. There are some differences here, and we’ll explain them.

The two gun sights have many differences that we will discuss in this article along with the pros, cons, and features of each product. 

 Vortex VenomHolosun 507c
Mount type  Weaver/Picatinny  Picatinny
Magnification  1x  3x
Dot Color  Bright red  Red, green
Dot Size  3 MOA  2 MOA
Eye relief  Unlimited  Unlimited
Max adjustment graduation  130 MOA  250 MOA
Max windage adjustment  100 MOA  40 MOA
Parallax setting  Parallax free  Parallax free
Length  1.9 inches    1.7 inches
Weight  1.1 Oz  1.5 Oz
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The key differences between the Vortex Venom vs Holosun 507c

There are many features that make these two gun sights different from each other. The first thing we need to look at is the difference between the magnification of both the gun sights, as you can see in the above table, the magnification of Vortex is 1x while the magnification of the Holosun is 3x.

Then comes the difference in the max adjustment graduation and the ax windage adjustment. The two gun sights differ in size and weight also if that is a concern for you.

Although, the eye relief and parallax settings are the same for both of them. BUT, these are just specs. How do these sights perform in real world applications? Keep reading for some insights on that.

Vortex Venom review

Vortex venom is quite a durable and tough gun sight. The sight housing is made out of high-quality aluminum. Moreover, the finishing is matte anodized, which helps in protecting it from damage.

The elevation turrets of this sight are recessed in the sight housing, ensuring that they don’t snap off accidentally. The body is waterproof, so it is easy to be used in any weather. This gun sight is shockproof, protecting it from fall damage and heavy recoil, and the lens has a scratch-proof coating called ArmorTek.

The lens is very clear and provides a clear and sharp image. The 3 MOA dot catches the reticle faster, along with an accurate and precise target. The Vortex Venom comes along with accessories such as a lens cloth, battery, a low mount (for shotguns and pistols), a rain cover. Click here to check prices, further reviews, and specs for this sight on Amazon.


  • Cheaper than the Holosun 507c.
  • Made out of high-quality aluminum.
  • Matte anodized finishing.
  • Water and shockproof.
  • Recessed elevation turrets.
  • Scratch-proof coated lens.
  • Precise and accurate red dot target.
  • Weighs only 1.1 Oz (lighter than the Holosun 507c)
  • The battery is easily replaceable.
  • The battery works 30,000 hours on a lower setting and on a higher setting for 150,000 hours.
  • Auto brightness mode.
  • 10 daylight brightness settings.


  • No shake awake, solar panel, or lock mode feature.
  • Mounting it is difficult because Venom footprint is not as common as RMR footprint.
  • Lesser magnification

Holosun 507c review

The sight housing of Holosun 507c is made out of 7075 T6 aluminum, so the durability is 100/100. The anodized finishing keeps the optics protected from elements. Moreover, the windage and elevation turrets of this gun sight are recessed in the sight housing.

The Holosun 507c is water and shockproof, to withstand rainy weather and pistol mounting respectively. In short, the Holosun 507c is built just like a tank, a great feature if you’re hard on your gear.

The lens of Holosun 507c is very clear and provides great visuals. The 507c features MRS (Multiple Reticle System). MRS means that you have three different reticles to choose from. The three reticles of 507c are:

  • 2 MOA dot with 32 MOA ring (The circle dot).
  • 2 MOA dot.
  • 32 MOA ring without a dot.

The battery of Holosun 507c has a CR1632; this battery can make the sight work for 50,000 hours on a setting of 6. The sight will work for years, so you don’t have to worry about the red dot dying on you. Moreover, it is very easy to replace the battery.

This gun sight has the unique shake awake feature; the feature makes sure that the sight goes off automatically when it is not in use and turns on automatically when any motion is sensed, a features many shooters love.

The gunsight comes along with accessories such as lens cloth, battery, battery tray tool, and a low Picatinny rail mount. Moreover, this sight has an RMR footprint, which makes it easier to mount because RMR is a common footprint. Click here to check prices and compare specs on this sight.


  • Made out of7075 T6 aluminum.
  • Recessed elevation and windage turrets.
  • Water and shockproof.
  • Higher magnification.
  • Multiple reticle system (3 different reticles to choose from).
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Battery replacement is very easy.
  • The shake awake technology.
  • Low Picatinny rail mount.
  • RMR footprint.
  • A little smaller in length than the venom.
  • Auto-brightness mode.
  • Lock mode and solar panel.


  • Pricier than the vortex venom.
  • A little heavier than the vortex.


To be honest, we can clearly see the winner here, that is the Holosun 507c without any doubt. The piece might be a little pricey but every dollar you pay is worth it.

From the high-quality material used in the making of this sight to the accessories it comes with, everything is just perfect. The vortex venom is still good, if you are on a budget. Otherwise, our recommendation is the Holosun 507c. with all those amazing features it will make your shooting experience 100x better.