what is the best battery for a minn kota trolling motor

What Is The best battery for a minn kota trolling motor?

Minn Kota trolling motors are an invaluable tool for anglers, and allow us to fish structure and cover with precision and have the power to hold our boats in position in heavy winds, using spot lock. A trolling more is only as good as the batteries we use to run them though, and in this post, we will take a look at some of the best batteries for Minn Kota trolling motors.

What to Know Before Choosing a Battery

Trolling motor batteries aren’t the same as a car battery. Trolling motor batteries are deep cell batteries. Deep cell batteries are designed to discharge smaller amounts of current over a long period of time, making them the best option for trolling motors.

There are also three main types of trolling motor batteries used today. These three types are lead-acid wet cell batteries, AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries, and the newest kid on the block, lithium batteries.

Lead-acid Wet Cell Batteries

These are the most commonly used trolling motor batteries on the market, and you are probably already familiar with them if you have ever owned a trolling motor.

They can last for 2-3 years and are great at handling frequent draining and discharging, and also important to many of us, they are cheap and can typically be bought for around 100 dollars.

AGM Batteries

AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries can last twice as long and lead-acid batteries typically from 3-4 years. They also feature better performance, increased charge longevity, and are maintenance-free.

This comes at a price though, and AGM batteries are twice the cost of a lead-acid battery.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular among anglers, and the reasons are clear. Their performance and advantages outweigh the other battery types.

They are incredibly light, in fact, they are 70% lighter than heavy lead-acid batteries. They also have a significantly longer life span, which can last up to a decade.

Lithium batteries also have a 100% depth discharge, meaning you have full thrust power for your trolling motor even if the battery is low, whereas with other types you will see a significant decrease in thrust power.

Lithium batteries are also much more compact than other batteries for the same charge and performance, with a 24v lithium battery being the same size as a 12v lead-acid battery.

All these advantages and increases in performance come at a cost. While they are much more expensive than the other two common types of trolling motor batteries, they most definitely will pay themselves off in the long run.

What Size Battery For Minn Kota Trolling Motors?

The size of the battery depends on how much longevity you want, and while larger batteries will give you power for a long period of time, other things need to be considered.

These considerations boil down to the voltage of your trolling motor. Lower thrust Minn Kota trolling motors typically only need 12v batteries, that is one single battery. Other models with higher thrusts can be 24 volts, which requires two 12v batteries linked in a series, or even 36v which is 3 12v batteries linked. Battery storage in your boat will also dictate how large you can go in both battery size, and in the type of trolling motor that you can use.

Minn Kota suggests buying a high-quality deep cycle marine battery in the group 27 size, with at least a 110 amp hour rating. The higher the amp hour rating, the more runtime you’ll be able to squeeze out of the battery. However, depending on the size of your boat, one battery may not be enough! Larger vessels, or more powerful motors may require linking multiple batteries in a series in order to sustain power.

Linking Batteries in Series

If you are running a 24v or 34v system, be sure you do it correctly. This is something many people struggle with at first.

what size battery for minn kota trolling motors

You will know if you don’t have it right, your trolling motor will be severely underpowered, or you will notice arcing on the posts of your battery when connecting them. If linking batteries in a series, here’s what you’ll need based on boat length, weight, and thrust power:

Boat Weight (lbs.)Boat Length (feet)Thrust Level (lbs)Batteries Needed
1,500 or less14′301 Battery (12v)
2,00017′-18′40-451 Battery (12v)
2,50020′-21′50-551 Battery (12v)
3,000-3,50023′702 Batteries (24v)
4,00025′802 Batteries (24v)
4,500 or more25’+101-1123 Batteries (36v)

Best Batteries for Minn Kota Trolling Motors

Chvrge Lithium Battery (200AH)

The Chvrge lithium battery can take 2000-5000 recharge cycles compared to the standard 300-500 typical with other battery types.

  • Up to 5000 charges
  • Battery management system
  • Fast charging

You can also link up to four batteries together for a total of 48 volts.

The Chvrge also has a battery management system built into the battery itself. This maintains the battery to improve its lifespan and protects from damage by overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting.

This battery also supports fast charging chargers, and can also be charged via solar panels.

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Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle (D34M)

Optima blue top batteries are incredibly popular with anglers. The blue top is an AGM battery with exceptional run times and recharges.

  • Leak-proof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Can be mounted in any position

The Battery is also maintenance-free, can be mounted in virtually any position due to being leak-proof, and is up to 15 times more resistant to vibrations.

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VMAX AGM battery

The VMAX AGM battery features an electrolyte suspension system.

This suspension system uses a highly porous glass mat to absorb and contain more electrolytes, without the use of silica gels or other contaminants.

  • Charge longevity
  • Lighter than lead-acid batteries
  • Maintenance-free

The battery also features a maintenance-free operation and has VMAX claims a lifespan of up to 8-10 years of normal operation. This battery is considerably chepaer than our first pick, but not quite as good.

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Eco-Worthy Lithium Battery

This battery has a built-in management system to protect from battery damaging catastrophe and help extend overall life longevity.

  • 95% capacity efficiency
  • Battery management system
  • 3000 cycles

While lead-acid batteries are limited to 50% capacity in terms of efficiency, this battery gives users up to 95% capacity efficiency.

It has a rechargeability of 3000 cycles and an average overall lifespan of around 10 years.

Along with boats and trolling motors, these batteries will also work great in RVs and other applications where long-lasting battery power is needed.

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Everstart Batteries Deep Cycle

These lead-acid batteries are very common and can be found in many anglers’ boats. They can also be bought at Walmart and other retail outlets locally.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extended cycling capabilities

This is a traditional lead-acid battery but it also is designed to extend the cycling capabilities of the battery, giving you a longer lifespan when compared to other lead-acid batteries.

Under normal operating conditions the battery is essentially maintenance-free, and it also comes with a 1-year warranty. It’s okay, but not the best battery you can get, obviously.

Trolling Motor Batteries and Kayaks

Kayaks obviously have different needs when it comes to trolling motor batteries. The only major consideration for kayaks is size, you need to find a battery small enough to fit your kayak’s storage compartment.

This depends on the kayak, but a giant 70-pound battery is certainly too much, so be sure when you are shopping for a battery that the dimensions are small enough to fit your battery compartment.

Eco-Worthy has some smaller deep cycle batteries which may work well for a kayak, because you won’t need to push as much weight around as on a larger boat.


Another important addition to a series of batteries is a fuse system in-between your battery and your trolling motor. In the event something happens, like a power surge, you will save a ton of money, this can fry your trolling motor, and rack up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, invest in some protection.

In closing, any trolling motor battery will work with Minn Kota trolling motors, just ensure you select the best trolling motor to meet your trolling motors needs and demands on the water, and fits your budget. Lithium will be your best choice if you can afford it, if not the other less expensive options will suit you just fine.