5 States For Over The Counter Antelope Tags!

5 States For Over The Counter Antelope Tags!

Sick and tired of waiting to draw a tag and failing? It’s a real bummer, but losing out on a tag is quickly becoming a reality for many hunters. However, you shouldn’t lose hope yet, because there are still places you can buy antelope tags over the counter!

Note: As of publication this article offers correct information, but states may change their rules in the future. Several states have already changed policies on over the counter tags due to an influx of out of state hunters.


If you’re already a fan of archery, or at least keen to try, then you’ll be happy to know that Nebraska offers over the counter tags for Pronghorn Antelope for archery! It’s also possible to hunt for Pronghorns on public land if you’re ready to do your research to figure out the best places to find them.

New Mexico

This one comes with some stipulations, but in New Mexico laws have recently been changed to allow over the counter tags for pronghorn antelope, BUT you can only use them on private land.

That means you’ll need to do a bit of networking, and you might even need to pay a fee to somebody to use their land. However, if you can work it out then this is a really great way to guarantee yourself an antelope tag.

New Mexico is one of your best bets for a guaranteed tag that does not require the use of a bow. If you can’t find anyone to let you use their land, then try a hunting outfitter. Most of them have deals with private land owners in the state.


Much like Nebraska, Colorado also allows you to purchase over the counter tags for antelope, but only for archery. That’s because the areas where you are allowed to use these tags bring a much lower chance of success. Though if you’re willing to do some scouting ahead of the season, then you can likely up the likelihood of you having a successful hunt.


Oklahoma also overs over the counter tags for archery only. If you want to use a rifle then you’re going to have to try and win a draw, but if you don’t mind using a bow then this could be a nice backup.


Unfortunately, Wyoming does not offer true OTC tags anymore for antelope, BUT they do offer the leftovers over the counter. That means if you look in some less desirable units you may be able to pick one up but not always. While it’s not the best option anymore for out of state hunters, it’s worth looking anyway.

This is especially true if you’re able to hunt on private land there, because that’s often where the leftover tags are located. Start networking and hope for the best.