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Dryshod vs Muck

Dryshod vs Muck – Which Boots Are Better?

A good pair of boots can be either your best, or your WORST prep when you set out into the woods. If the pair you picked is good, you’ll be toasty warm and dry, but if the pair you picked is bad… oof. That’s why in today’s article, we’ll be

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22 250 vs 308

22 250 vs 308 – [Comparison With Ballistics Data]

Comparing the 308 and 22 250 may seem strange, considering they are in completely different classes. However, deciding what caliber you want is a little bit of personal preference, and a lot of being realistic about what that round can accomplish. That’s why in this article, we’ll be talking about

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where to sell coyote pelts

Where To Sell Coyote Pelts [With State Fur Buyers List!]

Coyote pelts are now in big demand, thanks in part to some popular parkas which use their fur as part of the collar material. A good western coyote, with a nice light-colored fur can earn you $100 or more, with one auction price hitting $170![1] BUT, how do you get

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Where To Shoot A Coyote

Where To Shoot A Coyote – Shot Placement Guide

If you’ve been itching to hunt in the off-season, then a coyote hunt could be a chance for you to get back out there. Coyotes are a challenging adversary. They are very intelligent, and you’ll not only need to have your strategy down pat (check out our coyote hunting tips

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states with over the counter deer tags

8 States With Over The Counter Deer Tags!

While it’s a bummer that hunting is now a lottery, the good news is that there are still a ton of places where you can get a deer tag over the counter. So, if you missed out on your elk tag or antelope tag, don’t worry! These states will give

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