Best Frog Color For Bass

Best Frog Color For Bass – Top 4!

If you’ve been reading our lure color selection series, then you’ll know that there are a few rules when it comes to picking a lure color. Well, for top water frogs we’re about to break some of those rules! Because of the way a top water like this functions, the color selection rules are a bit different, but we’ve got the details here to help you pick the best frogs for your next bass fishing trip.


The most popular frog color among anglers we surveyed was black in some form. This color frog lure gets the most fish, though people had different opinions on which variation to use! While some preferred a straight black lure, others favored lures with pearl or Chartreuse belly colors for that extra attention grabbing power.

If you’ve been reading our other articles like, “best lure colors for muddy water“, then you’ll know that dark colors excel here, with black being the best. However, for these top water lures, the black also works really well on sunny days in clear water, because of the contrast of the silhouette being seen from the bottom by the fish. An important exception to our general color rules.


White might seem weird at first, but it’s one of the best performing frog colors out there. Though you may need to spend a bit of time learning when it’s the right time to use it. It is one of the best colors for topwater lures in certain situations.

White and chartreuse are great on days where the water is clear or stained and the skies are overcast. However, it’s also a good bet to use this if you know that the bass in the area are feeding on shad, because it will closely mimic one in the water.

So, be on the lookout for what kind of forage the bass are eating to help you figure out which bait you should toss out. That’s the rule bass fishing Pro Jordan Lee follows, but he also adds that white lures can absolutely slay fish in low light conditions as well.


A natural looking bullfrog lure can be a great pick in many different situations. Though many anglers say their best performing bullfrogs are the ones with white bellies! While in other lures white is something you’d use for darker water, when looking up from the bottom it’s more natural because lots of critters actually have white bellies.

Likewise, a yellow belly is the second most popular choice here. Lots of frogs naturally have a belly which is this hue and it looks very natural to a bass attacking from below. More natural lures, as we covered in the “best lure color for clear water” article, are a great pick when water visibility and the weather are good.


Much like the “bullfrog” green color, brown is another natural color which should perform well when the weather is clear and the water is lightly stained to clear. A brown frog with a yellow belly is a popular choice here but there are other variants of this color scheme as well that you can test out for yourself.

Though this color is not quite as popular as the other three on the list, in some situations, tossing out a brown lure could get you some bites on slow days. When it comes to frogs, most anglers have a selection of them to toss out and see what the fish will hit on. Sometimes the fish are just picky about their frog colors I guess!

PS. If you’d like to learn more about lure color selection make sure to download out free lure selection color chart. It helps you to figure out which lures you should use where based on weather, water conditions, etc.