Leupold VX Freedom vs Vortex Diamondback

Leupold VX Freedom vs Vortex Diamondback

We’re here again, with another comparison between two amazing hunting scopes. If you are confused about the Leupold VX freedom and Vortex diamondback hunting scopes, and can’t decide which one to get for yourself, then you’re at the right place. Here’s a quick overview of the differences, but keep reading for the full overview of each scope.

Key differences between Leupold VX Freedom vs Vortex Diamondback

When it comes to technical specs, the first difference between these two scopes is the magnification range. The magnification of the Leupold hunting scope is less than the vortex diamondback. Then comes the zoom ratio which is also different for both; it is 3x for the Leupold VX freedom while 4x for the vortex diamondback.

The field of view of both scopes is also different as mentioned in the above table, and the vortex diamondback is lighter than the Leupold Vx freedom. The eye relief is almost the same for both scopes.

However, many hunters will be pleased to know that the Leupold VX Freedom is made in the USA, which is a bit selling point. Vortex optics, while good, are made in a wide variety of different countries from the Philippines to China. The below comparison chart gives a quick overview to help you compare both optics.

 Leupold VX FreedomVortex Diamondback
Magnification  3-9x  4-12x
Objective lens diameter  40 mm  40 mm
Eye relief  3 inches  3.1 inches
Field of view  33.70-13.60ft/100 yards  32.4-11.3ft/100 yards
Weight  19.2 Oz  14.6 Oz
Size  12.49 inches  12 inches
Zoom ratio  3X  4X
Parallax  100 yards  100 yards
Country of OriginMade in the USAMade in Multiple Countries
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However, these are just specs. If you’d like a bit more in-depth information about these two scopes, keep reading for our full review of each one!

Leupold VX freedom review

Leupold VX freedom provides the exact quality of performance and versatility that hunters and shooters have come to expect from Leupold. The Rimfire MOA reticle is amazing while the optics are also great. The scope has built-in ballistic data for 350 rounds, so when you want to bring it to zero. Simply adjust the turret for a shot of 200 yards. The clarity of the image and a wider field of view make it an amazing choice.

The scope is designed and assembled in the US if you prefer to support American-made, and the Twilight Light Management System of this scope works on transmitting the maximum amount of light, resulting in more vibrant colors and contrasts of highlights.

The scope works amazingly in dark and dim light. Buyers have always loved the quality and clarity of the Leupold lens. However, for this scope, they have also praised the adjustments and magnification dial as being predictable and smooth, respectively. Moreover, the MOA reticle corresponds perfectly with the known trajectory.


  • A wider field of view.
  • Built-in ballistic data.
  • The 1-inch main tube is given SFP reticle; even when the magnification is dialed up or down, the reticle size stays the same.
  • Very clear view.
  • Smooth and predictable adjustments.
  • Perfect focus.
  • The Twilight Light Management system; Works perfect even in dim light or dark.
  • The finishing is durable and tough.
  • Simple windage and elevation knobs are simple and useable.
  • No color aberrations or edge distortions.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Water and fog proof.
  • The lens coatings reduce the effects of glare caused by sunlight.
  • Made in USA


  • Costs more than the diamondback.
  • Turrets knobs are a little mushy.
  • A little heavier than the diamondback
  • No lens caps.

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Vortex Diamondback review

The Vortex diamondback has the ideal optics for slug shotgun, muzzleloader, and long-range hunting. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, this scope is durable and long-lasting. The multi-coated lens and the stylish design ensure the convenient and high-quality build of the diamondback.

The crystal clear view with a bright image even in the dark offered by diamondback is great. Moreover, the glass used is a second focal plane scope (SFP). The SFP makes quick focus easier for hunters using this scope.

The scope is built to be shockproof and firm, along with camouflaging properties. The O-ring seals and argon purification keeps it water and fog-proof.


  • Cheaper than the VX freedom.
  • Increased light transmission due to the multi-coated lens.
  • Turret design allows the scope to reset to zero after sight-in.
  • Water, shock, and fog proof.
  • The zoom is quite handy and smooth.
  • Easier to remove parallax, as the scope is adjustable.
  • Precise glide erector system.
  • Lighter than the VX freedom.
  • Higher magnification.
  • Second focal plane scope glass.


  • A smaller field of view.
  • The turrets don’t track perfectly.
  • Eyebox can be unforgiving on higher magnification.
  • Not made in USA

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