how to save your boat from sinking

This one prep can save your boat from sinking!

Boating is full of hazards, and everyone thinks disaster won’t happen to them – until it does. Then they’re out in the middle of the ocean, watching their expensive fishing boat sink to the bottom, unable to do anything.

Even if you’re a very careful driver, collision with an obstacle is not the only way to sink a boat. In fact, poor maintenance is likely the leading cause of boat sinkings. BoatUS Marine Insurance program says that around 1/3 of their claims result from small parts, most often below the water line, that give out with age and allow the boat to start filling with water!

What causes boats to sink most often? The answer might surprise you.

So, what do you do if you’re out on your boat in the middle of the ocean and your feet start getting wet? Do you just sit there and watch your baby sink? Do you radio for help and hope for the best? Even small holes can sink a boat within minutes, so what do you do?

How to patch a sinking boat underwater

Investing in a 2 part marine epoxy can save your boat. This stuff is magic. You can stuff it into hull fractures, wrap it around leaking fixtures, or use it to temporarily plug up hoses until you can replace them. It works instantly, and you can even use it underwater.

While you can use it to plug up almost anything on deck, as seen in the gif, the ability to use it underwater is where this stuff really shines! The video below shows how you can apply it to a hull fracture under the water.

Applying this epoxy underwater is easy and fast.

This stuff is dead easy to apply, and it could make all the difference when you’re taking on water and seconds count. Click here to check it out if you want to pick some up for your emergency boat preps.