tru glo vs trijico sights

Truglo vs Trijicon – Which Glock Sight Comes Out On Top?

In today’s article, we’re going to be pitting two sights head-to-head. It’s Truglo vs Trijicon in today’s showdown. Does Truglo perform as well as Trijicon? Is Trijicon worth the extra cash? Let’s find out!

Let’s start with a quick comparison chart

truglo tfx pro vs trijicon hd xr
TruGlo TFX PROTrijicon HD XR
Better Outdoor performanceBetter Indoor Performance
Orange RingOrange or Yellow Ring
More Compact DesignWider Field Of View
Steel ConstructionAluminum Construction
U-Notch Rear SightU-Notch Rear Sight
12 Year Warranty12 Year Warranty
Excellent Customer ServiceExcellent Customer Service
Assembled in USAMade in USA
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On Amazon

In short, we feel that the TruGlo is the way to go here. While the original sights had a bit of a durability problem, the newer Truglo TFX Pro has a near indestructible housing, making fiber optic sights a much more reliable option these days.

The day time performance of the TruGlo TFX Pro is also phenomenal, and if you plan to do a lot of outdoor shooting, this is the way to go. However, indoors, the Trijicon may provide a superior experience for you due to the way the TruGlo uses ambient light.

BUT, is this bit of performance worth the price tag? After all, the TruGlo clocks is considerably cheaper than the Trijicon HD XR, in most cases. We prefer the versatility of the TruGlo, and of course, the cheaper price tag, but not everyone feels that way.

Trijicon vs truglo glock sights
For the price, the TruGlo sights offer exceptional value and day time shooting.

Our survey has revealed that 55% of respondents prefer the Trijicon sights. Trijicon is also popular with military and law enforcement, and here’s what a few respondents had to say about the issue.

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I actually use both. The Trijicons are more like standard white dots until things get dark and then you can see them get all glowy, whereas the truglos are pretty eye catching during the day with the included fiberoptics, and are, of course, also glowy in the dark.
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Trijicon with orange outline front. Best night sight I have ever used. The orange combined with u shape rear sight notch work very well for my 74 year old eyes.
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I vote TFOs. The fiber optic rods make a noticeable difference in daylight. A much crisper sight picture than plain white. The new TFOs are good to go in my book.

55% Of Surveyed Useres Prefer Trijicon


This seems to be especially true for older gun enthusiasts with vision issues, who claim that the Trijicon HD (Orange) is their go to for the larger front sight dot and larger rear sight “notch”, which allows them to pickup their target faster.

Trijicon also has a fantastic warranty plan, their customer service is top-notch, and they have a little known program where you can have your sights “re-lamped” for a nominal charge.

It seems the only thing gun enthusiasts are unsure about when it comes to Trijicon, is which one to buy! (But, our Trijico SRO vs RMR article can help with that!)

So, what’s the verdict here? Which sight is the best? The truth is, both of these sights will perform well in most situations. They both offer fantastic warranties, and they have great customer service backing their products.

That’s why it’s important to consider your own situation and usage to pick the right sight. Spend most of your time at an outdoor range? The TruGlo is probably the best pick. Need a self-defense sight for mostly indoor usage? We’d go with the Trijicon on that one.

In closing, truthfully, both sights are pretty damn good at what they do.

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