Leupold vx5hd vs swarovski z5

Leupold vx5hd vs swarovski z5 – Which Is Better?

If you are thinking of buying a hunting scope and can’t decide which one to choose between Leupold VX 5HD and Swarovski Optik Z5, then we’ve got you covered. We are going to compare the features, pros, and cons of both these scopes in this article.

There is no doubt that both of these hunting scopes are excellent at what they are made for. But, it is a fact that they have some differences which you should be aware of. Here’s a quick comparison before we get to the meat of this article.

  Leupold VX 5HD  Swarovski Optik Z5 
 Magnification  2-10X 3.5-18X
 Objective Size (mm)  42mm 44mm
 Reticle   Duplex BRH
 Size   12.5” 14.29”
 Eye Relief  3.8” 3.74”
 Tube size   30mm 1”
 FOV  57.5’-19.1’ 30’-6’
 Weight  16.8 Oz 15.9 Oz
 Price   $$$$$
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So, What’s The Difference Between The leupold vx5hd and swarovski z5 Scopes?

First of all, the price is different, Leupold costs less than Swarovski. That’s pretty obvious, but is the Leupold scope worth the extra money? Let’s find out.

The magnification options for both scopes are also different. The Leupold VX 5HD offers a magnification range of 2-10X while the magnification range of the Swarovski is 3.5-18X.

For hunting during dusk or dawn, the Leupold VX 5HD also has the Twilight Max Light management system which allows hunters to have a full, bright, and high-definition view even in poor lighting conditions. On the other hand, the Swarovski Z5 offers its Superb Swarovski optics to add up time for hunting during dusk and dawn.

The CDS ZeroLock 2 in the Leupold 5HD allows you to dial-up 2 turns of elevation without the loss of zero but while using the Swarovski Z5 setting zero is a hard task.

There is not much of a difference in the weight of these two scopes but the Leupold 5HD is a little lighter than the Swarovski. The same goes for the eye relief, for the Leupold it is about 3.8” and for the Swarovski Z5 it is 3.74”.

The CDS in the Leupold offers more precise shots and the locking turret does not let the turret spin while out and about, on the other hand, the turret of Swarovski Z5 is most likely to spin.

So, which one is the best? In our opinion, it’s the Leupold, who in addition to offering fantastic features and quality, also offer a lifetime guarantee on their scopes. Click here to check prices on the Leupold VX 5HD, or click here to check prices for the Swarovski Z5, because the truth is, both are fantastic scopes.

PS. Interested to know more about how we came to this conclusion? Keep reading to see our full write ups on these two excellent hunting scopes.

Leupold VX 5HD Hunting Scope Review

The Leupold VX 5HD hunting scope has a zoom ratio of 5:1 which is a great deal. A ¼-MOA click adjustment is featured in all the CDS dials. And the generous eyebox allows the user to get his/her eye behind the hunting scope easily and get a clear and wide view of the target effortlessly.

The Guard Ion lens coating also does not let rain, fingerprints, or dirt stay on the lens. This makes the lens more durable because of its scratch-proof technology.

Surveyed hunters who have purchased this scope said that they loved the glass quality, and that the clarity of the scope is fantastic.

The Motion Sensor Technology (MST) featured in the VX 5HD models with illuminated reticles, allows the illumination to automatically deactivate after 5 minutes, this feature has been a favorite with hunters surveyed as well!

The main tube is constructed of strong, aircraft grade aluminum, and is sealed with a gas blend of argon/krypton to help keep it fog and waterproof. All Leupold optics are also backed with Leupold’s awesome lifetime guarantee as well, which is a nice bonus. Click here to look for the best prices on this scope on Amazon.


  • More affordable than Swarovski optics
  • Glass quality is great and scratch-proof
  • The main tube is fog and waterproof
  • More precise shots due to CDS
  • Robust construction
  • Dial-up 2 turns of elevations are plenty enough for most users
  • The Locking Turret makes it less likely to face a turret spin
  • A free dial comes with the scope (Must fill out form from Leupold’s Website to get it sent to you)


  • A little heavier than the Z5
  • Windage plex is little compressed or busy

Swarovski Optik Z5 Hunting Scope Review

The 5x power range of this scope allows shooters to have maximum versatility while hunting over a wide range with the terrain changing constantly. The Superb Swarovski optics of this scope are also fantastic for hunting in low light conditions. The 95mm eye relief gets the shooter’s eye lined up behind the scope quickly, and for long-range shots, the 3rd turret helps in adjusting the parallax.

Hunters who used the Swarovski Optik Z5 also love the BRH reticle of the scope. Though, the clarity and accuracy the scope offers are what makes many hunters lifelong fans of Swarovski optics, but even with many satisfied customers, some Swarovski users have had trouble with the windage of the scope being bottomed out.

Still, Swarovski makes fantastic optics, and if you’re interested in buying the best of the best, then this is likely it. Though you will have to pay for the privilege of owning such great scopes, Swarovski also offers a lifetime warranty to make it sting a bit less. Click here to check Amazon for the best prices on this great scope.


  • Lighter than the Leupold 5HD
  • The 4W reticle
  • Better for close shots
  • Glass is crystal clear and of high quality
  • Bit clearer than VX 5HD on maximum zoom


  • The elevation is limited to 13.25 MOA
  • Setting zero is hard
  • Turrets are more likely to spin
  • For the “known distance” settings are very limited

In closing, while we think that the Leupold VX 5HD is a better value for the money, the Swarovski Z5 is no slouch. Some people even call the Swarovski Z5’s ballistic turret and BRH reticles a work of art. So, if the Z5 is in your budget, you can’t really go wrong there either.

But, in our point of view, Leupold is overall a better choice than Swarovski, there is no doubt that both scopes have their own unique qualities but there is always a better choice and in this comparison, it is the VX 5HD that stands out.

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